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В голове полный бардак. Устала уже болеть всем на свете. Хочу снова лето и уехать в путешествие ☀️🌍
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Young love in the city

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I shared this with a few of the amazing women entrepreneurs I have the privilege of dreaming with and I thought it was perfect to share with you too! "Whether it's apparent or not, everything you do is preparing you for the life of your dreams, and all that you've been through and are now going through, even the painful or frivolous stuff, is exactly what you need to prepare you for what's coming next." - Mike Dooley

In my more telling Presence practice and shifting my relationship with time I was reminded from this excerpt that EVERYDAY and EVERYTHING we're doing (right now in this moment) that's heading us in the direction of our dreams... THAT'S the adventure!
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Cheers to your adventure!

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"Ho davvero cominciato a recitare per lavoro, quando hanno smesso di pagarmi per farlo". Pablo Papeltengo ☘️😂 #cloverthree #beclover #actorlife #unavitafa #mylife #job #jetset #dreamer

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|| The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away || ✨ Do you ever feel like you’re playing small? Like you’re not embracing your unique gifts and talents? 🤔 Not harnessing the power we were put on this earth with, not owning our talents, not being, creating, doing more, we are not just doing ourselves a disservice. We are doing the world a disservice. 👊 What if one action you took with your talent was enough to inspire one other person to reconsider an outlook or behaviour that isn’t serving them 💫 What if by not sharing that authenticity that person never received the exact right information at the exact right time to transform their life from mediocre to extraordinary 😱 Our unique perspectives MATTER because of our constant interconnections with one another that evolve and shape our society every day 💫 By playing small enough to let yourself off the hook you are shying away from your real vehicle for change, your ability to leave a mark and exit this world better than when you arrived. What do you love to do? What could you do / be / create more of? 💞 Hiding your power is a crime against humanity. You’ve hereby got permission to be released on bail to commit some magic! ✨

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For her, nothing ever came easy. Never knew life to be breezy. Growing up fast most adults proving sleezy. The only comfort found came from the ground, where her knees hit the floor and she cried out to her Lord. But when she said no more, telling God there's NO WAY THIS heartache is what HE created her for! She deserved to feel what her smile showed, she deserved to be happy just like her glow. So she packed up her bags and her puppy she grabbed, she got on the plane for a future insane. No road paved smooth, but finding strength, comfort and solace when it's a GOD MOVE! #TiDa #GodFirst #beliver #dreamer #achiever #actor #comedyisme #faith #allthatIam
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It’s finally...almost here! Can’t wait for you all to see me play “Mimi” in this funny ass series produced by @issarae + @adaptivestudios! Coming to Urban Movie Channel @watchumc 10/27. #issaraeproductions #projectgreenlight