Awall (@awallofficial)

Didn’t see this coming - SJP Homecoming 10/28/17💐 -
Nov. 4th - GrandviewHigh
Nov. 18th - TheGate4278
Dec. 9th - PrivateTennisEvent
Dec. 9th - ParklandAmphitheater

tyler xd (@swagtylerr)

day2 of being a gross tranny that cant do anything right and my mom hates my guts and i wanna kms 😘😘 goodnight

Andrew Pettway (@andrewpettway)

Practice and warm ups arent always clean and pretty, but gotta keep at it. Experimenting with different tempos and different ideas help me find grooves and fills tha i like and can incorporate in recordings or live shows. @sabiancymbals_official @vicfirth @remopercussion @gibraltarhardware @dwdrums #drums #drummer #drumporn #vf15 #sabiancymbals #remopercussion #drdrums #vicfirth #timepluseffortequalsresults

GhCALI Official (@ghcali)

God gave us brain so we can explore. The more u explore,the better u get. They dont see it cus their brain's are to small. Before the realized, all they can say is i knew him. Where were they when u were suffering. I'm calm cos only God knows what i am bringing into the game. Let my plans be in my head cus i am still on plan A. B can wait forever. I shall be the pillars for those who need it and they can move on from there if posible. And i shall appreciate all my pillars. @ghcali @wppcanada forever.

Drew (@alley_cat916)

Our video for our first single "Blow" recently hit one thousand views. We know for some it's not a lot, but for us it means the world.
Thank you all for you're support!
If you haven't heard it yet just follow the link in our bio and don't forget to slide to Anthonyonfire's Going Away Party on Oct 27 at The Colony if you want to hear it live!!
Thank you guys once again and stay stunned, we got exciting news coming soon 🤘
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Maria (@mery_gama)

Ayer a la tardecita estaba leyendo en el muelle y de repente empiezo a escuchar tambores. Eran cinco tipos pero parecía que la música iba atrayendo a todos los hippies del pueblo, ademas de a un montón de perros. Algunos caían con más tambores, otros entraban tocando la flauta, maracas, toc tocs... incluso uno trajo palo santo y nos "limpió". Para las 9 de la noche eran unas treinta personas improvisando al unísono, y se sumaron algunos que hacían malabares con fuego, y otros bailamos. Cuando decayó, una pareja tocó sus canciones dedicadas al lago en guitarra y violín, después otro se puso a recitar sus poemas, y para terminar la velada relajados, alguien sacó una cítara.
Anoche fue sin dudas uno de mis momentos favoritos del mundo.

Dave Czuba (@daveczuba)

All set up in Fort Collins, CO at Hodi's Half Note