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#MammalMonday has us scanning the trees above. A quick flash of white and orange. It’s the plantain squirrel. The most abundant squirrel species in Singapore, it is easily distinguished by their orange chest, with black and white stripes running along the side of its flanks.
This native squirrel that has adapted well to urbanized parks and gardens of our Garden City, often seen in secondary forests, disturbed forests, parks, gardens, and even the trees around housing estates. They feed on nuts, seeds, fruits, and the occasional insects. Mostly sighted in
Besides Singapore, plantain squirrels are also widely distributed across South East Asian countries.

Plantain squirrel
(Callosciurus notatus) 📸: Abel Yeo

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When you book a cheap hotel but it means you have to walk through a forest and down a mountain to get into town 🇦🇹

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Nothing quite like the views from the sky.

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Showing off some convincing moves the GGG is sure to set pulses racing as she teams up with her gal pal for some pole dancing fun. With a clean cut and wholesome image, many were surprised when the GGG revealed how much she enjoyed pole dancing. The Days of the Dantree supermodel already has a figure to die for, but keeping it in check is something she spends a lot of time doing and it seems pole dancing is her favourite way of staying fit and healthy. Pole dancing has become a popular past time for celebrities in recent years, with fitness gurus praising routines on their exercise merits. (GGG Green Glam Goddess at the top ) white lipped tree frogs.

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A massive bright blue glacial pool on top of the iceberg. Photo by @chaseteron #exploregreenland