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Life is all about learning, some people say they find it hard to learn but i disagree,
Let me explain.

back in 2013 i was diagnosed with dyslexia but as far back as i can remember i had trouble with spelling and reading out load.
English was the one thing i had trouble with

it was weird because in my head i can read fine but as i read out load the words would start to move around the page and some words i couldn’t even say, i knew what the word was but it just wouldn’t come out.

frustrating as hell

But put me in a maths class solving puzzles and problems i was in my element.

what i learnt was, it wasn’t that i could learn english,
it was that i didn’t like it.
I found the written word boring. i got distracted very quickly.

plus my teachers back then (1990 something) gave me a hard time because of that.
So i linked that i couldn’t learn english and that i was crap at it.

Because of this it took me until last year before i picked up a book again sum 20+ years. crazy right??? Now i spend 20 mins every morning reading. and i enjoy it now.

Is there something in your life that you keep telling yourself you cant do? whether its exercise or sticking to a meal plan.

i enjoy it because I’ve found something that is engaging for me.
It comes down to two things
1. find something you enjoy
2. find someone to help you that can make what ever it is interesting and fun.

See i believe we create our own boundaries,
If you want to achieve something in life so badly you will find away.

If you find something that you enjoy learning will come easy,
We learn from having fun
So go out and have some fun

Because if we are not learn and growing we are dying .


Loz only became good at snowboarding when she started having fun with it

it was so painful watching her before that

RipRegime (@ripregime)

Loved this iced latte from @jessijeanfitness !!l
Here's the recipe🥛☕️Mix and pour over ice:
✅2 scoops of the Optimum Nutrition Vanilla Latte Amino Energy (or similar product)
✅1.5 cup unsweetened vanilla (or regular flavored) almond milk (or cashew milk)
✅1/2 - 1 cup coffee
✅Stevia to sweeten
✅Macros: 4F/5C/1.5P - 62 calories!
Save yoself some extra cals & some extra 💸

#RipRegime #DreamExtremeWithRipRegime

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Hello Monday ! Comment ça va mes petits chats ? Ici on s’est levés tard du coup on a fait un petit brunch face à la mer 🌊 Omelette pour Monsieur et pancakes pour Madame 😍 L’île est vraiment magnifique ! Le sable est super blanc, l’eau transparente et peu de touristes c’est un vrai coup de coeur ❤️ Pour anecdote c’est sur cette île qu’à été tourné l’année dernière l’émission Koh Lanta, l’île au trésor ! .
Bon le seul point négatif c’est que j’ai pas mal de boutons sur les bras.... et on se demande si c’est pas des puces de lit.... affaire à suivre.
Bon courage pour ce lundi 👊👍
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One of my favorite flavors of Thanksgiving is a certain stuffing taste. Ok, I confess, I grew up lovin’ #StoveTop stuffing. That is until I️ started making it and seeing how much junk and cholesterol is in it, yikes!! 🙊 #NoThankYou
A few years ago, I️ made up this raw stuffing recipe. I️t has the same seasoning as the original, yet it’s made with wholesome ingredients that will actually be good for your body. Once you take bite of this, you will be in disbelief at how much this tastes just like Stove Top! .
How many of you have tried this and how many of you want to try I️t this Thanksgiving? Find the recipe in the #YvonnesVeganKitchenApp in #AppStore and #MyEclecticKitchenApp in #GooglePlay, and you might even find it on the blog! 😉🍂🍁

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#TeamSambalMatahGila 🔥 @rasalokalindonesia 😶😘 Cemilan asikkk di Senin siang yg terik.. GILAA jg menurutku tak pedas x makanya tak mau ambe yg ungu, rugi rasa soalnya 😂 #kekinian #Bali

🌸 Celine weight loss 🎏 (@celine_weight_loss)

☆☆ THE BEST ☆☆ Retour du salé, ma préférence, avec ma petite cure de curcuma frais que vous verrez régulièrement dans mes plats , associé au poivre en général pour une optimisation de l'effet 🥑🍊🍇🍳🥓
Bonne journée la #fitfamily .
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It's all about those Vietnamese #freshspringrolls
Love these bad boys! Once you get the knack of wrapping them it's easy as!
#ricepaper #coriander #slaw #avo #smokedeggplant #cucumber #noodles also had some #tortillachips in there for crunch there you have it!! #healthyspringrolls #veganeats #healthylunchrecipe #eatclean #vegan #vegankitchen #eattherainbow