Sarah//multifandom👼🏼 (@lukeshurricane)

-January 24th

So I rlly wanna go
live but I don't have
any active followers
who would actually
watch¿ So please be
more active because I
try rlly hard¿
Also,, tomorrow it's
Calum's birthday so
I'm make another edit
of him for tomorrow so
yea lol
Anyhow,, so I made
another edit how

qotd; books or movies?
aotd; probably movies

Favi j and St3mpy Fanpage (@favij_and_st3pny_my_heroes)

Trumpy togliti, ora puoi accompagnare solo.
Il nuovo presidente @favij
#favij #edit

— bollywood edits🦋 (@herestobollywood)

"What motivates you to live?"
Me: "suicide is haram"

alice ✨ (@vaguelyredhead)

The packaging is almost as cute as the underwear inside 💕

//Alone is what I have// (

Goodbye John. ~Sherlock Holmes.

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