Allison Smith (@allisonsmith_fit)

I'm back!!! Spring semester 2018 has begun and I am back in the gym on a 5 day split. I cannot wait to see what all this semester will bring. Bring on the gains, the papers, the muscles, and the homework. This girl is three semesters away from graduating. •

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John Savoia (@savoiajohna)

There ain't a damn thing anyone can say to me to bring me down when I'm wearing this. It's a power outfit. I'd live in this look it I could hold down my job. Its nothing sexual, it's nothing to titilate, I just look goddamn good, and feel amazing. •

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Leni Kei (@leni_kei)

Breaking beauty standards.
7 out of 10 women believe they arent good enough and 92% of teen girls would like to change something about the way they look, with body weight ranking the highest.
It could be because of what we constantly see in media, what we hear from our closest friends,our family, or it could be what we say to ourselves when we see ourselves in the mirror.

Lately, Ive thought about what the world could look like if you could see the strength and beauty you possess and if we could do away with every lable that has been placed on your life that tried to define you. Ive been thinking about how many more businesses there would be, motivational speakers, lawyers,women CEOs,models, and books written if we quit being afraid of our potential.
I have been there too, i believed that i wasnt worthy of love, that the world would be better without me and that i would finally find happiness when i lost weight. Little did i know that no matter how much weight i lost, how much makeup i put on, how many people told me that i looked great,i would never find joy if i didnt see the beauty for myself.
The statistics i shared didnt come from only plus size women but just Women. Women who were told they were not thin enough,not curvy enough,not tall enough,not pretty enough, not smart enough, and not powerful enough.
This 5 week photo series will highlight women every wednesday, of all shapes and sizes, transparently sharing their own stories of their journey of confidence and overcoming their biggest hurdles. I hope as you follow, you see a bit of your self, and know that you aren't alone. 2018 is our year.
Please share this with your friends and family to uplift and empower them to see their own beauty and potential. ❤️ #youcansitwithus
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Nina (@virgobeauty83)

Sometimes... #nyxcosmetics lips, #wetnwild liner, They're Real #benefitcosmetics lashes and jacket from #torrid Oh, and #effyourbodystandards #bbw #beautiful 😉😉

PCOS Support girl™️ (@pcos_support_girl)

Ok so I haven’t been slacking on my #oneyearoneoutfit2018 I’ve been taking weekly shots, and I truly believed I wasn’t making much progress. But I promised myself I wasn’t going to compare them until at least 3 weeks in. Well, I made it almost 4, and y’all. Just trust the process. It’s going to be SLOWER with PCOS. I know, it really sucks. But once you accept that, and just keep at it, and doing the things that make you feel good and focus on health and strength of mind AND body, and let go of the scale- shit clicks.

These pics are almost 4 weeks apart. It’s not a huge physical, dramatic transformation. Not everyone will see it. But I FEEL it. I’m killing my workouts. I’m eating in ways that I know makes my body feel it’s best. I can run a mile in under 9 minutes again and I can climb a hundred flights of stairs without calling EMS. For the first time in months, I’m doing this FOR ME. Am I the slimmest I’ve ever been? Fuck no. Am I the biggest I’ve ever been? Not even close. But what I am? Is unwilling to try to go back to an older version of me, and I’m ready to focus on who I am now.
I cried when the nurse made me keep my shoes on the other day, whining, “butttt the last nurse let me take them off and now it’s going to seem like I didn’t lose and the doctors going to think I’m not trying and...” wah wah wah. I was so panicked my blood pressure and pulse went up so high they double checked it 3 times. I was miserable throughout my whole appointment. All I was focused on was what others would think of a 3 digit number.
But as I got my labs back today, showing my a1c is perfect, my cholesterol has dropped ( and Ive had genetically high cholesterol my whole life) my blood sugar was normal and my hormones were all within normal range, I forgot all about the scary BMI they gave me. And laughed. I feel good. I’m doing this for me. And it’s working. DONT QUIT ON YOUR DAMN SELF. Okay? ( also, sorry about the skivvies. But my one year one outfit is all black so skivvies in my new one year one outfit 😂😂😂#oneyearoneoutfit2018 )

John Savoia (@savoiajohna)

Fuck beauty standards, gender norms, body norms, societal bullshit. Whatever makes you feel good in your skin, but I mean really good, from a healthy place, a feeling of positivity that comes from inside not from pleasing anyone else, not your family, not celebrities, not advertisers. You. Do it for you. •

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John Savoia (@savoiajohna)

Yeah I say I'm feeling environmental portraits but you know what else I like? My face. My chubby cheeks. The swell of my chest. Gimme that shit I eat it up. •

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Guys, I did it again. I did the all-purple thing again and I didn’t even mean to. I’m officially 68 years old. #purple (also someone REALLY needs to clean this mirror at work)

Jazzy (@charmingjazzy)

#tbt 2017
Resilience seems so impossible sometimes. 5 weeks before this shoot I was literally in a hospital bed. I have to remember that I have all the sunshine and color that I need inside of me. The dark just protects it.
📸: @donavanfreberg 🔦/pose coach: