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the infinite jest 🎯

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Enjoying the Grand Opening of the Compton - Center for Sustainable Communities with my NHSLA family 💖 miss these awesome people with such a great cause. @yolifecoach #compton #community #nhs #nhsla #lanhs #centerforsustainablecommunity #realtorlife #kjlh #music #dancing #electricslide #wobble #buyers #loans #communitiescomingtogether

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Now you know what happens when Cameo sings "Candy". #ElectricSlide 🎷🎺🎼🎹

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I haven't been to a wedding in sooo long and I'm dying to do all corny line dances!!! Sooo anybody out there who doesn't want to go dateless just hit me up!!! 👰🏼💍👨🏽⚖️ #WeddingSeason #WeddingDate #Wobble #BikersShuffle #ChaChaSlide #ElectricSlide #WeddingCraahers (@syd.textiles)

Sometimes we get asked if these are actual pictures or just digital drawings. Just to be clear (it's in our bio as well 😉) - all of our pictures are of actual fabric from our warehouse taken with an iPhone. Here's the thing though, sometimes they won't be available anymore (due to stock or exclusivity because one of our clients wants to use it exclusively for their lines) and although sometimes we can order a small run for you, the cost gets jacked up. So what we do instead is to find offer something similar that we have readily available. "Same or similar" is the motto when supplying fabric in the fashion industry.
***Electric Slide***
Digital print on ITY
95% Polyester 5% Spandex
Made in South Korea 🇰🇷