David Moore (@davidmooretv)

Finally take a moment to let it all sink in! What an amazing experience this has been from creating a very special concept video to then taking it to the @theellenshow Stage ! โ€ขโ€ข
Congrats and thank you to @chelsiehill & @josh_killacky and so many thanks to everyone else involved in making this happen --- @wflworldrun @redbull @theellenshow @sir_twitch_alot @jaredkaufer @skydick @joemloera #ellenshow #ellendegeneres #danceduet

Michael Signorello (@magical_michael01)

Heroes ultimately die, LEGENDS live forever. Ever since I was a younglin, all I ever wanted was to make individuals laugh and smile. I never judged my classmates, and joined hands with everyone sharing FRIENDSHIP! Over the course of my journey, my desire to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world only grew as I did. My advice to myself EVERYDAY is to be introspective and LEARN. For me it's the only way to see LIFE for what it TRULY is in this WORLD! I believe in the believing ONE can exist with JOY just by making life SIMPLE! Over all my experiences in life, I'm ready to assist in anyway I can. Life is never easy, and sometimes what we intend, however HOW we LOOK at these situations is what makes LIFE worth LIVING! I took these past 4 months to really REFLECT and noticed SEVERAL messages, comments on how individuals loved when I energized them while waiting. Then, after my daughters Vienna and Vittoria spoke with me, I'm deciding to make this go forward! I'm DETERMINED to make this happen. To reach out, to branch out, to MOTIVE our youth, the experienced. I owe this to my CHILDREN, all children, and how better to HONOR all the love and support I've received on this network and others. The answer is always no, unless you ask, and you never know until you TRY! So if your associated with a PUBLIC form, I'm ready to MAKE A DIFFERENCE, bring the ENERGY, and help INSPIRE all in this WORLD! My new page "MAGICAL MICHAEL" is up and running, my book being worked on, and soon a WEB page.
I'll be honest, this is something I've thought of 14 years ago, overlooked it with the path I took during these years, but YOUR words, comments, have resinated within me! I know not everyone will be remotely interested and that's perfectly ok! I'm going forward for those who truly DESIRE and those in need. We ALL have hobbies, different interests and ways of looking at things, I carry my FAITH this is my calling, I have TRUST in that I'm doing the right thing, now it's time to spread the PIXIE DUST I've carried deep within me to SPREAD it out to ALL who so choose in this WORLD! #motivate #inspire #ellendegeneres #ellen #ellenshow #grow #inspiringothers #faith #believeinyourself #believe

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[Pity party]
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CARLY SOUPerstar ๐Ÿ˜Š (@carlysouperstar)

I had a great time this weekend attending @24sevendance Convention and Competition! I was so excited to have @sir_twitch_alot teach my hip hop class! Check out my new @bossempireclothing shirt! ๐Ÿ˜Ž Thanks @sir_twitch_alot ! #twitch #sirtwitchalot #soyouthinkyoucandance #theellenshow #ellenshow #hiphop #dance

๐ŸŒŸ Chacha Shen ๐ŸŒŸ (@chachashen1)

It's the NEW Hip Hop Crew hitting the mean streets of the OC..."CHACHA-WOCKEEZ"!!! Chacha wants so bad to be in a Crew, so she's hoping the @jabbawockeez see this!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚ TAG THEM BELOW!!! @jabbawockeez ๐Ÿ˜Ž ***This was filmed 2 hours after getting home from a 3 day dance competition...and she's still going!!!*** ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ
.#chachaography #ellenshow @theellenshow #bgirlstyle
@matherdancecompanyofficial #mdcarmy @msaagency #msakats #danceparty #readyforthestage #hiphop dance #hiphoplife #jabbawockeez #borntoperform #thisis4 #4yearsold #dancer #dancersofig #lifeoftheparty #giggles #votd #share #feature #instagood #rolex

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#jenniferlopez ูˆ#derekhough ุฏุฑ ุจุฑู†ุงู…ู‡ #ellendegeneres ุขู†ู‡ุง ุจุงู‡ู… ู…ุณุงุจู‚ู‡ ุฑู‚ุต ุฑุง ุงุฌุฑุง ูƒุฑุฏู†ุฏ.#ellenshow #ellen #dance

The Granville Warehouse (@thefamouswarehouse)

How it feels knowing it's not Monday anymore. @warehousegroupbc @theellenshow