Heinrich Hess (@heinrichhess.sexmindandbody)

Die neuen Gutscheine sind angekommen!
Gönne dir und deinen Lieben eine Auszeit.
Eine „Lomi Lomi Massage“ oder das „Kräftetanken – men only“, ist das ideale Geschenk für die stade Zeit.

Schenke Entspannung!

PS: Liebe Damen. Mit dem Kräftetanken – men only schenkt auch ihr euch eine Auszeit.
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Sensuality & Mindset Coach (@natashagillyard)

This daily PDF that I created has a lot of the things that light me up in my business. YI have a space to write down my mission and 90 day goals, and a space where I can write down something I want to read/create/try/learn if I want to nerd out. I created it because I wanted something to anchor my focus onto my why, where I am going, and what I want to learn. What’s your why in your business? Spill in the comments below!

Emily Jane Love (@emilyjanelove)

Farming our 💕 hearts loves


I like when I read out loud during class and get to feel like I'm sort of TantricSlamPoetPerformanceArtist or something like that 🌝....✨🌸#yogateacher #radiancesutras #anusarayoga #lakshmilivingarts #trumansburg #kama #dappledsunlight #embodiement

Maja Metličar (@majametlicar)

In today's White Light Transmission Meditation in @irresistibletribe the message is ➳ It's time to stop holding on to what's been holding you back. Surrender. Trust. OPEN UP.

Are you ready to surrender to LOVE? And I don't mean only the love of a partner, but to the knowing, that you're worthy of LOVE and of EVERYTHING GOOD in this life... no matter what's unfolding for you in this moment, at what point of your path you are and whether you're feeling like a mess.

Yes, you've worked on this a lot already, but now you're going DEEP. You're peeling off layers you weren't aware existed, because they were simply too painful. You had to come all this way, to this point of your awakening, so that you'd be able to see beyond the pain you carry so deep within... and finally release it.

Think of that one thing that you currently desire most passionately in your life. Take a moment to feel into how it FEELS to have it in your life. Imagine you can get it now, not sometime in the future, when you're ready and everything is in place, but RIGHT NOW. Imagine it's right here in front of you, right now. How does it feel? Do you feel happy about it (as you'd imagine)? Or do any other thoughts arise (such as, 'I wanna run away', 'I'm not actually ready', 'I'm not worthy of so much goodness' etc.). Breathe.

My dear, you're worthy of all the best in this life. You are. Nothing from your past, your present or your future can change that. You are worthy of all the love your heart can receive and more. Are you ready to SURRENDER to everything that LIFE has waiting for you?

This month will be a powerful period of TRANSFORMATION and transmutation. The walls you built around yourself for protection are gonna fall. Your whole life will transform, because the fear that was limiting you will start to be released from the very fiber of your physical body... it will first leave you wondering WTF now... empty with no structure, nothing to lean on, no clear view of what’s coming. That’s because the path will now be OPEN. Open for you to start CREATING the life you’ve been seeing in your visions. Read the rest in the comments 👇🏻🌸💓

Mariana (@marianadioniciophotography)

How does it feel to be trap in your own body? I just saw this movie about a trans journey and this question kept bumping on my head over and over. I honestly don’t know how does it feel, I can just imagine the pain and agony of seeing yourself and not liking yourself. I know it was just a movie but hell I cried a lot with it! Trans people out there listen to this lost girl; You are so freaking worth it, I love you and I’m so fucking proud of you.
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Jonathan Chua Wei Ean (@_bjornertorn_)

Do columns have a sex? Are these male, female/hermaphrodite? Male order, female slimness..#dancingcolumn #theeyesoftheskin #juhanipallasmaa #josephrykwert #embodiement #sensuality

Maja Metličar (@majametlicar)

In today's White Light Transmission Meditation in @irresistibletribe the message is ➳ The whole Universe supports you when you're being truly yourself💓✨ You are so loved. You lack nothing and you already ARE everything that you've been so fiercely searching for.

You were born into this life with the mission to be yourself. And you're the only one who can give you permission to step fully into it.

Lately, more than ever, you've been feeling waves of transformation rising within you and around you. You feel a high and you feel the pressure. In your body, in your emotions, in your life. There's nothing else to do, but surrender to it. Fighting and resisting the shift that wants to come through won't stop it, it will simply make the process longer.

How to do that? Embrace yourself just as you are right now. Whatever you're feeling, however you look like, however your life currently looks or feels like. Even if one moment you want to be alone and the next one you crave company... and then once you get it, you already regret leaving the safe space of your cave. Embrace yourself even if you're so so tired and you don't understand why, because you've actually been sleeping enough. Embrace yourself even if you want to crumble. Embrace yourself if you don't know what to do. Embrace yourself if you're thinking f**k that shit I'm out. Embrace yourself if you're happy and and the same time doubting it will last. Embrace yourself fully, the light and the shadows.

You're in the process of transcending your deepest fears. It's messy and that's ok. You're not alone in this.

Today repeat the second mantra from the Irresistible tribe Manifesto. Say it out loud or silently in full presence: "My body is sacred. I embrace, enjoy and honor it. It’s my temple. My soul is a unique spark of the Divine. It carries my message. Expressing my soul through my body and my life is my purpose. The whole Universe supports me when I’m being truly myself." Let's do this Shi(f)t! 🙌

BE THE SPACE (@alexanehter)

When I let go, something infinitely small begins to change.
My breath with me. My exhalation and my inhalation, like a perpetuum mobile, without pauses, living together, layered within one another - undistinguishable infinite.
And there is the ground below, reassuring that I can relax, that I'm supported, and I can entrust myself to its strong hold.
When I will, I let go, fully. When I will, I am relaxed enough to let go, feeling like I am the first woman on Mars. I sink into the ground and I rise, strongly. I open, move and listen to the small wonders that my body-mind universe can do.

Pandiculation contracts and releases muscles in a way that the alpha-gamma feedback loop is naturally reset. In short the motor cortex is being turned on and your alpha motor neurons contract your skeletal muscles to move your bones around.Our gamma motor neurons, which can also contract, though are not usually causing movement on its own, but they regulate tension in normal muscle activity.

When things get out of wack and altered long enough, for example when you live with chronic pain or feel out of alignment , then this loop can be out of balance and it can be difficult to reset from injuries. To naturally restore balance we need to pandiculate.
Pandiculation is a process of movements where a series of muscular contractions happen and can be felt throughout the whole body. This is what healthy animals do to release stiffness and remind the muscles of their abilities.

It's a bit like a yawning throughout your entire body: You sink in, relax, open, expand, extend aaaaaaand repeat.
💫 Next pandiculating exploration happening this Sunday, 2 pm at Sense of Space: Pilates Yoga Lifestyle in Subiaco. As a taster class for my Fascia Vinyasa TT in March, also at @senseofspace . More details coming soon!📿 Pic taken by @mabelangxinyi during my last immersion with the beautiful @shriyogabrisbane tribe.
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Mila Hansen (@mila_hansen_)

"Körperlichkeit bezeichnet die Summe der sinnlichen und materiellen Eigenschaften des Körpers und verweist zugleich auf einen reflektieren Zustand von Körper und seinen besonderen Ausdrucksqualitäten." #körper #körperlichkeit #bodies #embodiement #hand #blackandwhite #photoart #blackart #skin

Photographer•Creative Director (@aleiramoon_photoart)

Ritual work. Currently learning how to integrate masculine and feminine within myself.
I am dropping into deep layers and letting go of that which no longer serves.

Maja Metličar (@majametlicar)

In today's White Light Transmission Meditation in @irresistibletribe the message is ➳ EMBRACE what wants to be EXPRESSED through YOU

This week marks the opening of a powerful cosmic gateway and also the last 6 weeks of 2017. Saturday's potent New Moon was an introduction to what's coming. Are you ready to start living from your heart? No more detours, just pure alignment. I'd say buckle up your seat-belts, but there are none available on this trip. It's free-falling until you start using your own power to fly.

Message from your Cosmic Team:
"We say this with all the love pervading the Universe: it's time for you to come out of hiding. No special circumstances need to manifest, no special person needs to walk into your life, you don't need to wait to get that money. You can BE TRULY YOU right now. In whatever situation you are in this NOW moment.

We're so proud of how far you've come and how you've dealt with all the events unfolding in your current life. We're so proud of you for expanding into love despite the hardships, disappointment and pain you've experienced. They were a necessary catalyst for the walls around your heart to start cracking.... so that they would eventually collapse.

You see, the TRUTH is, you are the Universe in joyous motion, you are the embodiment of LOVE. Until you were distracted by everything that was going on around you and by the stories you created to PROTECT yourself from 'failing' at being you, it wasn't possible for you to SEE that TRUTH. But we've always seen it. We've always known.

Everything and everyone you've lost on the way was part of your soul-agreement. This might be hard to accept, but we know you now see the growth that happened with every loss you've experienced. With every heart-break, your heart expanded, so much that it became too big for the walls around it to contain it. So they started cracking. This is the path of awakening. This is your path.

With everything we send your way, we're showing you, that the TEMPLE is within you. The LIFE FORCE is within you. The WISDOM and GUIDANCE are within you. The LOVE and ACCEPTANCE you've been so fiercely looking for ARE YOU.
Read the rest in the comments👇🏻

Jayme Kay Gunderson (@jaymekaygunderson)

Diving deep into the wisdom of anatomy, and enjoying one of my favorite things...blowing my mind with amazing #superhumans!! @laurahamesfranklin via @GPRepostApp for Android
#universalhealthprinciples #uhp2019 the magic of the body is infinitely incredible 🙌🏽 Feeling very blessed to share the wonder!

Surya Shakti (@surya_holisticsexuality)

I am learning to accept and embrace my deepest and hidden desires without shame, guilt and self judgement. Learning that I'm not bad and that I'm not doing something bad as long as I'm not hurting or desrespecting myself or someonelse.
Embody our true pleasures and our most intimate desires is the key for REAL freedom in all areas of our lives.

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Jayme Kay Gunderson (@jaymekaygunderson)

Oh, the clarity of #universalhealthprinciples!!
Today was the last day of our second retreat, and it was amazing.
The combination of deliberate embodiment through #franklinmethod and the clarity #UHP brings out the most amazing connections and understanding. Talk about finding alignment!! So excited for everything that's being birthed through this system, and through me. Thanks to the amazing minds of @laurahamesfranklin and @franklinmethod!! ❤️🙌👌

The Yoga Nook (@theyoganooklucan)

There is a calling, answer it. •
We are here, a time where positive change cannot be placed upon us. We cannot simply be told. We cannot wait for it to be painted into our lives by someone else. We have to embody that change. To embody positive change, we must first know ourselves, and second love ourselves fiercely and completely. Then we can start to change the world.

Full Moon Meditation at the Yoga Nook

Dec 5th • 7pm • $33+tax

Stay tuned for 2018 Meditation programs - I've got some goodies in store for you!♡

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Trina Acacia (@trinaacacia)

Sedikit cuplikan performans kami kemarin, "Ruang Perjumpaan" karya bu @marintan_sirait, di Jakarta Biennale 2017. Kami belajar keikhlasan dari bu Marintan. Ikhlas untuk bergerak. Ikhlas membiarkan tubuh bergerak bukan karena kontrol suatu sistem. Ikhlas membiarkan tubuh 'berbicara'. Ikhlas membiarkan tubuh menemukan ritmenya sendiri. Semakin memberontak, semakin tubuh terasa sakit dan sulit ketika melakukan suatu gerakan. Ketika ikhlas, kita bisa merasakan betapa tubuh menjadi 'rumah', rumah spiritual. Bagi bu Marintan, tubuh personal perlu memperoleh tempat dan pemaknaan dalam ruang seni kontemporer. Gagasan yg tak kalah penting dlm performans ini adalah deceleration (gerak lambat)--gerak lambat dapat menghubungkan kembali body connection dengan ruang dan waktu, dan koneksi dgn hal2 di sekeliling kita. [video di #repost dari @jakartabiennale]