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THAT moment...
When the little voice inside your head says to bring the utmost of Bass Capital Ninja PLUR/HYPE/ENERGY to the mosh pit... Aaaaaand you listen(God I love that little voice)?!? Lol
Ironically cross paths with 2 separate individuals at later shows that I hadn't yet officially met, whom recognized/remembered me & sent these 2 videos from THIS glorious moment?!?
Sooooo beautiful when it happens & why I ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR FAM!!!!!
More proof of how WE continue to grow in both strength/numbers on a CONSTANT basis...
When the little voice within speaks to YOU.. LISTEN, go ALL out, NO HOLDING BACK(tomorrow isn't guaranteed) & Life's waaaay too short otherwise!!
THE greatest mark WE can make, is the one WE make TOGETHER & I think we ALL remember what happened immediately following this raw excellence?? BY FAR... One of the largest & most beautiful mosh pits to date!!!
**The secret behind THIS technique**
-Open it up, bow to the Bass God's, rise bringing the energy from the underground up in a clockwise motion to ALL those surrounding, get it right on the drop, then circle the mosh pit in a counterclockwise motion & watch the beauty spread/unfold!!!! Hahaha
Stay tuned for more legendary techniques FAM & MUCH LOVE💞
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We are throwing it back to the different styles of #JanetJackson on this #TBT 🤩 we LOVE her #versatility. These styles could be executed and perfected with #ADORE weightless hair oil, #FEEL smooth finish glaze and #EMBRACE 3 in 1 styling balm. #MoisturaSilk is available for purchase now through the link in our bio💧WHATS YOUR FAVORITE @janetjackson SONG?

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When the news reached us on March 17th that a boat had capsized only 176km away from us, it felt like we’d been struck in the face. 16 people died, 5 of them young children. 45% of the people arriving here on Lesvos are children. Yup......that’s right, almost half!
The deal was put in place two years ago. The goal was to have less people on the run entering Europe, less fatalities at sea and quicker #procedures.

Only the first goal was met. We’re ashamed of this policy and #choosedifferently .
We receive those who have had to escape war and violence, we help them regain their power, we set the ‘right example’, we #embrace and share, we love and #live together.

Two hands on our hart, our eyes closed for a while and our thoughts with yet another boat full of people who didn’t survive the crossing.
Lots of Love 💕
PS Below is an extended report of what we know about the deal, what we #see and what we #hope and #dream ———————————————————————
The EU Turkey deal. A deal that was made because too many people crossed the European borders in 2015.
In 1951, after the Second World War in 1951, the refugee treaty was drafted in Geneva. This treaty states that everyone who flees to Europe and applies for #asylum has the right to a procedure. Usually asylum is applied for in the first #European country of arrival.
But there is an exception.
People can be appointed to start the procedure in a different safe country.

It was this sentence that allowed the deal to be born on the 21st of March 2016. And the #safe country? That was Turkey. BUT, and this is an extremely important but, each case has to be viewed individually to decide if Turkey is indeed safe. This means a short procedure here in Greece has to take place case by case.

This is what it would look like: everyone who arrives in Greece would, should Turkey be deemed safe, be sent back to Turkey. (We said it was an extended report.. the post is continued in the comments below ⬇️)

Antonella (@nella_suzn_)

Burn your Bra, Love your Bra. Love your body, or burn the system.' You can live feminism whatever way you wanna as long as you help spread consciousness in the name of love and kindness between human beings instead of hate. (I personally rather love my bras instead of burning them. Im a huge lingerie collector and I love embracing the power of the godess in me celebrating her every single way as I, in my own terms make my way to raise awareness on those old fashioned ideas that burned us All throughout history. Don't care to much of what people may say, after all people allways speaks. Care about what you say' and make your own revolution, What matter is it. ♥️ #burnyourbra #feminist #live #love #empower #sisters #womensupportingwomen #empowerment #quote #embrace #wilderness #awareness #culture #cherry #red #mylast #creation #sew #photography

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"Denn Du bist gut so!!! So, wie Du bist !!!" ❤️❤️❤️ Repost @selenagomez The beauty myth- an obsession with physical perfection that traps modern woman in an endless cycle of hopelessness, self consciousness, and self-hatred as she tries to fulfill society’s impossible definition of flawless beauty. I chose to take care of myself because I want to, not to prove anything to anyone.
Wind in her sails. 🌈💜

Aathira (@sringara)

My love for South Bombay is new and quite unexplainable. The sort of antique feel that lingers around in that place takes me back to a different time. CST, Gateway, Taj, the State Central Library, the street side shops, and everything. My day out. Time with self is necessary, without talking or entertaining any conversation for a change, just plainly observing the places, moments and lives around.. It is a luxuriously peaceful state of mind in a city as monstrous as “Bombay”. #antique #southbombay #mumbaidiaries #observer #embrace #change

Eva Valdes ⚡️ (@evavaldes12)

This person makes 6am yoga so worth it! She is one of the BEST instructors I have had the privilege to take from 😊Thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏼 aaaand I absolutely love this post👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
#Repost @yogahippie
Enjoy this beautiful rainy day!!!
Enjoy each and every person you come across today, see your similarities yet embrace your differences. It is those differences that make you, YOU and makes them who they are.
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Ashley Brooke Rayburn (@_miss_ashley33)

“We all have blind spots. We all struggle with understanding different parts to ourselves, especially when we’re in the thick of an emotional reaction. It’s quite hard to be self reflective and introspective when we’re defending ourselves and hurting. It’s also hard to understand ourselves when we’re avoidant and invulnerable. Every which way, there are times when we can’t see the message or lesson in front of us, and other times when we just don’t want to. That’s why people who lean into us even when we are leaning away from ourselves are some of the most beautiful souls to ever walk into our lives.

These people make us a priority. They make growth, transformation, and healing a priority. These people look out for us and say if you can’t love yourself through it, I will. No, there not responsible for us, but loving relationships swoop in from time to time to offer us what it is that we can’t always give ourselves.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought I understood myself only to realize(with a gentle nudge) that there’s more for me to see. I have such a deep appreciation for whenever this happens. Their commitment to lovingly learning about me is not only transformative but deepens trust.” #mindfulmft @mindfulmft beautifully said!!!!❤️

Jacqueline (@getfitwithjackie)

Embrace the stripes!