ash (@trash.x3)

Just a warning this is gonna be hella gay :). At the start of everything I thought we were a bad idea and that something was going to happen because with every relationship I get scared that they'll find someone better than me or they'll get bored of me. With you that's differnt, I feel like we will be together for a while and hopefully forever because I love you alot. Most. More than anything ❤️  there are hundreds of reasons why I love you and I have told you a few ;) boi you are legit one of the best things that have ever happened to me and im so greatful that @rainbow.kid.cosplay added you to that Skype call on the 22nd of June (ya bitched I remembered 😂😂) usually people will put "awww a month felt like a year" when for me it didn't because I want to savour every moment with you (CRINGE IK) Oki ily bye 😂❤️


Best Friends Turned Lovers [Colorized] - 2009 AD 💏
-- let's also point out the mixed patterns and neon @dcshoes -- i was serving looks 🍭xD