Zach Eastman (@imazacheastman)

And with that, I turned to the clerk and said a heartfelt thank you. He looked at me politely and replied, “You’re welcome.” If only he knew how much store meant to me for over 8 years. That Second Spin was everything, and nothing will ever come close to its perfection as part of the last bastion of DVD stores. So long @officialsecondspin , for real this time. The pleasure was all mine. If i can make it up to your CO Mills location, I shall do just that. #DVDstore #SecondSpin #ColoradoBlvd #ScreamFactory #TheTexasChainsawMassacre2 #JohnCarpentersVillageOfTheDamned #Carrie #WaltzWithBashir #EndOfAnEra

NFP (@nfpstudio)

NFP: So grateful for 3 years at the Nolita NYC store!

MeMeCherry (@memecherryig)

Gonna miss you Mercedes... oh Mercy Me! — #EndOfAnEra

Alan Henman (@alanhenman)

Not many I get attached to but this fella was extra special for many reasons. Even if you reminded me of someone who messed me up but also gave me some great highs, seeing your wagging tail and cheeky smile made my day. Good luck in your next venture boyo. #brannewbailey #endofanera

Robin Hurt Safaris (@robin_hurt_safaris)

It is very sad to hear the news about Harry Selby, who died on Saturday at the age of 92. He was one of Africa’s All-time Great Professional Hunters. Our thoughts are with his family. There is a great article on his life in the New York Times that is worth reading: .
#HarrySelby #huntinglegend #thegoodolddays #traditionalsafari #greatwhitehunter #endofanera #biggamehunting #africansafari #profesionalhunter #huntinglife #huntingsafari #keranddowney #selbysafaris

Panda Domo (@pandadomonyc)

Had to say goodbye to two restaurants that fed my family for the past 30+ years all in January 😕 Pings Seafood Restaurant in Queens used to be my grandpa’s favorite dimsum hangout and our go to family dinner place in Queens. We didn’t get to have a last meal there because it closed too fast. Today, we ate at Wing Wong Restaurant in Chinatown for the last time 😭 We’ve been eating here after church since I was born! Thankfully we were able to catch them before they closed. Seeing these places that have been engrained into my childhood disappear makes me so sad 😞 I know change is inevitable. Neighborhoods are always evolving but loosing classic Cantonese restaurants in Chinatown really hits home in more ways than one😢
#chinatown #chinatownnyc #explorechinatown #wingwong #wongkee #childhoodmemories #wontonmein #hawfun #endofanera #community #changes #domoriginal #domogram #kawaiiinnyc #lunch #sundayvibes #sundaychurch #tradition #cantonesefood #cantonesecuisine #cantonese #backintheday

Adel Lee (@_adel_lee)

What a whirlwind you have been London!
I'm sitting here indulging to calm my nerves of what lies ahead, but I also can't stop smiling thinking about the adventure I've been on the last 3 and a half years.... It goes without saying I will miss all the lovely wordly people I've met, but will I also miss Asos deliveries on Sundays, split bills at restaurants, my local chai latte genius, Yorkshire puddings, crossiants in a can and  most importantly Easy Jet and Ryanair (in that order).... Thank you to the special people who have given me so much support over what has been a very confusing few months and especially to my wonderful brother for making this hard decision much easier. I have had a great time travelling though the last 3 months, but it's time to head back home and see where the next adventure takes me....Over and out London!!! #london #adventure #endofanera #sad #goodbye #home #australia #newbeginnings #nextchapter

Andy B (@drunken_drummer)

And the flat is no more... Thanks for all your memories, most of which are very hazy I'll add but great times were had indeed🍻 #movinghome #endofanera #newstart #nomorerent

Rach🌸 (@racheldemps115)

The last photo to be taken at the infamous wall!👩💞 Started the trend off young! A few throwbacks from throughout the years!📸 Missed my main gals last night!🌍 #endofanera #bittersweet #mamaroseshouse #overandout

Flat Out Mum (@flatoutmum)

Thoughts for the week 💭 I’m so conscious it’s only one week left of school holidays & this year Jack & Harry join their big brothers in Big school! It’s such a bittersweet feeling as they’re so excited but I’m definitely feeling the loss & redundancy 😫 You know me, I have businesses to run & Retreats to plan but it is the end of an era for us 😍 I can rest easy that this summer has been FULL of quality family time & we have used it wisely 🤸🏽‍♀️ BUT it’s still a huge kick in the guts as I’m losing my babies to Prep 😍😍 #timeflies #startingschool #flatoutmum #schoolmum #endofanera