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-Have you been feeling down, out of balance or even depressed?
-Have you been feeling like a dark cloud of odd or bad experiences are happening to you or around you and you just don't know what's going on?
-Maybe your home feels energetically low?

Then you may need an Energy Clearing

Start feeling like a fog is lifted off you
Feel the ability to think clearly and be more creative
Feel like life makes sense again &
Start feeling like you're a magnet of success & abundance

These are just some of the benefits you will experience when you attend this Energy Clearing Workshop with Beatriz.

Beatriz has helped more than 1000 individuals regain their youth and vitality, increase their abundance and heal emotionally just by clearings alone.
Be a part of this 5 hour intensive workshop to realign your mind, body and home space so that life works for you not against you.

You will learn:
-How to clear your home in a way that works for you without overspending on tools that may or may not work
-How to clear sadness and sorrow from a break up or divorce
-How to clear negative energies from, second had-items, apartments, houses and more.
-How to clear blocks of success & abundance
-How to clear hexes and curses
-How to install positive virtues in all that you touch.
-How to maintain high vibe after a clearing
Bonus: Beatriz will share all her tips and tricks of over 20+ years of experience. Have 1:1 access to answer all your questions related to Energy Clearing with our popular and overbooked reader.

If you know Beatriz, then you know she doesn't hold back and loves to help others gain more knowledge so that they may transform their lives.

Be sure to RSVP & lock in your spot today by 5PM
8 spots (5 left)
All this for only $175
Location: Liberate Hollywood
Date: Sunday, June 25th
Time: 1PM- 6PM
Call: 323-663-6000

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A June 25th power message. The intention of this message is to remind you of where your power is. Power is not what you have, it is what you do. Be objective and wise right now. Stay in Integrity which means be yourself. There's going to be a situation that will need your honest and open communication, do not be afraid to speak your truth. The guidance is telling you that you know exactly what to do so do not doubt yourself because you have experience and you are ready. This is a time for your career and not relationships so do not get lost in fantasy or over romanticizing. It may be Sunday but it looks like we're getting ready for Monday. That's okay. Mentally prepare yourself but do not go to work just yet.

Remember who you are. Do not be afraid of your power.

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#love #healthy #universalpower #beyourself #happy

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Energize is down the hatch and I'm ready to get my sweat on!! I no longer taking advantage of my health I am LOOKING AFTER my health!! I try to do what is good for my body, to be healthy and increase the longevity of my life 😊
I choose to make sure I exercise every day, and get my sweat on for those that WISH they could!! 🙏🏻💫🙌🏼
Don't take your health for granted, make darn sure you look after your body the best that you can, WHILE you can!! 😘

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Diya SenGupta (@lovethealchemist)

If you're reading this post it's because you want a fulfilling life that not only fills your own #heart, but the hearts of others as well.
💕loving people have the tendency to fall into highly toxic #emotional #relationships: they see the #potential for #growth, rather than the harmful emotional #pain.
💕if you're noticing signs of emotional toxicity within a relationship (newly forming or old), leave it. #Mentally. #Emotionally. #Spiritually. Don't even look back.
💕toxic people will have super-high highs and super-low lows. They will do extremely
#nice things for you, then treat you in the most HORRIBLE emotionally manipulative ways. When you address the bad ways they treat you, they will reference the good things they've done saying, "look at how much I care, I am so thoughtful when it comes to you." What they're doing is creating "perceived value." They're trying to claim that they ADD goodness into your life, when really they are adding pain!
💕they do this because they are in pain; #misery loves company. They push their emotional pain and baggage onto you by acting out traumatic scenarios from their past.
💕so how is a loving person supposed to deal with this? Envision yourself collecting the emotional pain they've placed on you. Place it into a box. Envision pink #energy surrounding you in a #protective way, and hand the box back to them. Say, "I forgive you for acting out of pain. I wish for you to be filled with love, and your emotionally harmful energy is no longer welcome in my sphere, you must leave me now. And so it is."
💕Continue your visualization by allowing golden sparkling light to fill all parts of your being that feel empty and hurt. Allow it to seep into every cell in your body, and then envision yourself sending love to every person you interact with in the world (by sending love to the globe). When you're ready, take a minute to breathe and feel that shift that just happened... you just moved from fear into love, how good does that feel?

Anna Adler (@_adleranna_)

Здоровье и сила важнее всего!)