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Responsible living extends to your backyard too. Think about the plants that will grow best in your climate. #liveresponsibly

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Thanks to @juice_quest for the delicious juice and my new reusable bamboo straw! Another piece in the 2018 NY resolution to reduce my impact on the environment. #savetheturtles 🐢

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Adopt a river project. Youth volunteers in maintaining the river clean remind us of their importance as well as the many threats confronting them. It is easy to forget how important the rivers are to us as we get caught up with our everyday life. It does not take much to contribute positively to our rivers. #adoptariver #science #environment #motherearth #likeforfollow #likeforlike #likesforlikes

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🌐 Melania Trump rockin' the cover of Ocean Drive Magazine. Clean Oceans need to become a priority; future generations should be able to enjoy all water based activities in a clean, pure, pollution-free environment. Help keep our beaches, waterways, and oceans pollution free. Leave no trash behind you. 👣👣👣 #melaniatrump #trump #firstlady #cleanoceans #cleanwater #saltlife #florida #atlanticocean #usa #florida #jgearbrand #justoceans777 #european #waterlover #jgirl #jgearbrand #boating #makeamericagreatagain #environment

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Happy Sunday!! Enjoy your paradise wherever you are and make your skin shine with ingredients 100% Botanical 😉

We want to show you our new presentation!! We have 2 different type of bottles for your choice 🤗

And because we care about the environment and our clients, we want you to join us in our recycling project: return 7 empty Lovepureoleum bottles and receive one of our products for free! 🌿

We care, we love nature and we love you!! #organic #botanical #naturalproducts #skincareroutine #environment #love #care #sunday #beach #paradise #recycle #glow

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Introducing my “Koala signs” range 💜

Wouldn’t your warung or shop look more fabulous with me?
Remember the 6R
Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, REFUSE, Re-think and Repair.
Keep our earth clean and say no to plastic bags 🙅‍♀️ 🛑Sign is made of triplex wood and message printed
🛑 Size is 20x30cm
🛑 Rope tie in the back for hanging
- $10Aus or 100,000 💕 25% from sales will be donated to @missionpawsible And @bali_petcrusaders 🇮🇩 Made in Indonesia and design by local artist 🌴Wood sourced from plantations, and not from natural forests 💜 For details or order please PM my page
💕Post available to Aus by request and free post with JNE within Bali 💕

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Photocredit: @nature_landscape_photos
Hi everyone! If you would like to connect with me on a personal level, feel free to check out my new page @myspiritualjourney1 . Have a lovely day 😊
Every year the ice in the arctic melts, and it is supposed to freeze back up again in the winter. Statistics have shown that the area is now 400,000 square km smaller than it was in 2007. And for two days in November for the first time, the ice was shown to be melting because temperatures were  20 degrees higher than normal for this month. Scientists at Rutgers university said these kinds of temperatures were unprecedented for this time of year. Arctic sea ice helps moderate global temperatures which is key to understanding global warming. At this rate, places all over the globe will go under as sea levels rise at alarming rates over the decades to come. This is just one of so many issues we are causing  because global consciousness remains so low. Having low conscious means things like being unaware of how everything is connected. Understanding this would lead people to the realisation that the smallest actions they take can create huge negative domino effects if not properly managed. Collectively something MUST change or we are in  great danger of not having a planet to live on within the next century.

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In addition to all of your Solar and Air Conditioning needs, the Electricians at Green Sky can also assist with all of your electrical needs.
Whether you’re building a new home, doing a commercial fitout, renovating, adding powerpoints or light fittings, or just needing to have some electrical repairs done, don’t be afraid to contact us to see how we can help.

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Big trees used to line up this highway. If uprooting OLD trees is called development, I'd rather see us stay Jurassic.
#backward #savethetrees #trees #highway #Bataan #noshade #environment #nofuture #globalwarming #climatechange

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This week, I was just bit shocked that my students don't know or "never heard" of #GreenPeace! 🤤😲 I guess those IG Selebgram don't post enough of humanity/environmental posts.. They know @amandacerny tho but none of NGO. Sad.. 🤔😢 @greenpeace
#Teens #KidsZamanNow #CleanAir #ClimateChange #ActNow #Sustainability #ClimateProtection #RenewableEnergy #StopOverFishing #StopArcticDrilling #Environment #Adventure

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And to think some people eat these guys 🤨😩 Check out @minovalleyfarmsanctuary they need our help 😯 Vegan For The World 💪🌱

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Drinking with a stainless steel straw for the earth! #metalstraw