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“LivingOffset is a #global #movement that gives the people the opportunity to make simple lifestyle choices that can offset their human activity, whether offsetting the ‘emission impact’ costs of a coffee being made in @Starbucks, the train journey to the office or the taxi ride to the cinema." Chris O’Shea, CEO and one of the original founders of #LivingOffset, shares his vision for an initiative that will allow ordinary people all over the world to take the cause of #climatechange into their own hands.

For more information on LivingOffset and the team visit the link in bio.

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This is what I end up doodling at work while I pretend to be working my not-so-environmental-paper-pushing-job☺️ Looking forward to the day when I can work a job I’m passionate for.

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January 22, 2018
Enero 22, 2018

A few days have past after the robbery.
As I went to sleep that night, I felt extremely blessed to be alive, to be in my bed, and feeling blessed because other women/men/children simply do not get the same outcome. This incident has left me a bit paranoid. Yet, more determined than ever to accomplish my filming, travels, studies, and reporting for the year. I promised myself to go out of my comfort zone, to force myself to be in dialogue with others whom I admire and to simply love life with all that it brings me.
Traveling solo, as a woman, can be dangerous. Yet, it’s given my confidence.
I’ve been traveling alone since I was 12years old and the blessings that I’ve been given outweigh this ONE bad experience. Only one bad experience in the past 14 years of travel.
Today, I am also thankful for staying tuned into my intuition. Abiding in my faith and scripture. Today I am thankful for my yoga practice. This all allows me to come back to my center, to gratitude.
Today I accept what has happened and choose to move forward. Today I wake up saying YES to the world.
I was so amazed by all of you who went out of your way to msg me through Instagram or other means. Thank you for your support and Love. So crazy how the words of complete strangers can bring you happiness and could make us feel cared for.
Good morning, conquer your day sweet friend!
————————————————— Ya pasaron unos días después de que me robaron. Cuando me fui a la cama ese día, recuerdo sentirme muy agradecía de estar en mi cama, me sentí afortunada de estar con vida y de estar bien, porque hay muchísimas personas que de verdad no llegan a tener el mismo resultado que el mío.
Este incidente me dejó un poco paranoica, pero al mismo tiempo me dejó más determinada a seguir. Este año me prometí salir de mi zona de comfort, me prometí a viajar lo más que pueda, pero con una razón, con ciertos motivos, y con una dedicación grande de informar, filmar, y exponer un mensaje de amor, tolerancia, y activismo a mi gente.
Mi fe, leer las escrituras y mi práctica de yoga. Me da la fortaleza para regresar a mi centro de gratitud.
Buenos días, y adelante amigo.

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My friend gave me this photo. I finally found it @dom1950s remember 😂🤙🎬


I believe that instead of guilting people into buying sustainable fashion the industry should think how we can make sustainability the most convenient and desirable option for them. The things that I do in my life I do because they make my life easier. Whether it is veganism that allows me to feel physically better and healthier or buying from more independent and sustainable brands that allows me to have unique design and longer lasting garments. (Which always have kind of been my dream)! When the 'better option' (for the world) is 'the best option' (for the individual) we can really fuel change! And if the better option is not the best option let's put our minds together and figure out how we can change that! ➿🤔➰

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To exploit a resource simply means to harness the benefits by supporting the natural tendency of the event to occur.

Sure, there are negative ways to exploit a resource but there are also many positive ways to exploit a resource—including, animals.

This system I deem “Green Hacking” is the future, it will become an integral tool to our species when it comes to figuring out how to live in concert with the environment around us.

So, before we go around pointing fingers and sticking to a script or rhetoric—THINK, don’t just blindly write off solutions or positive innovations that aim to make this earth better, for all inhabitants.

When we stick to a script without regard for special cases or global solutions to universal problems deemed necessary by reality, we become a group operating on one wavelength—this “group think” phenomenon is death; for if we aren’t moving forward we are stagnant.
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It came time to put my money were my mouth was about trying to be the best Boy Scout I can be last week. It all started when I noticed the foam around the cones of my tower speakers had started deteriorating. After looking into replacing the speakers, and realizing I didn't want to just contribute more trash to the every growing landfills, I found a speaker repair kit on amazon. Well, after 7 and a half hours of very tedious and meticulous work, I am happy to say these speakers should hopefully have a couple more decades left in them meow. #speakers #surroundsound #entertainmentcenter #repair #boyscout #environmentalist #landfill #restoration #improvement #handyman #supertroopers #meow


Lol so true!!!

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A Sunday morning emergency trip to the Co-Op for coffee then I remembered we needed syrup and loan behold the zero waste fairies were present because I found this cute syrup bottle in the jar donation bin (it’s hiding under the peanut butter in the bulk isle) and it had the tare weight and PLU on it already ❤️ #blessed
Then I splurged and got a treat for me and @carrin._, not necessary but you gotta love yourself and accept that you can compost the paper baggies once in a while.