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Early morning bull ish. Flight was supposed to leave at 9:48 PM @virginamerica had us waiting for four and a half hours saying our plane was here but no crew. We finally get on the plane and then after we all get on - they tell us to deplane and that the flight is cancelled at 2 AM. #EPICFAIL #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL

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πŸ“· How clear is the image on your dash camera? πŸ“· This is always one of the first questions a customer will ask when enquiring about a dash camera, followed up usually with 'can it read a number plate'. Our Goluk T series range of cameras have fantastic quality and indeed, can read a number plate from a great distance in both night and day. πŸ“ We recently had one of our customers who we done an install for a few months ago involved in an accident on a roundabout, with the guilty party cutting into our customers lane and damaging their offside front bumper. For the sanity of both parties, we won't upload the video, however here are a few still pictures taken from the video to demonstrate how clear the footage is, with the number plate of the offending vehicle blurred to keep identity hidden as the number plate was VERY visible and clear. πŸ”΄ In a circumstance like this, without the video, this would have been very difficult for our customer to prove and more often than not, this would have been settled 50/50 by the insurance companies. 🏁 We have these Goluk T1 and Goluk T2 systems starting from as little as Β£160 fully supplied & fitted for a front facing dash camera, currently the cheapest in the Uk, for a fully supplied & fitted Goluk T series system - the cameras have paid for themselves already for this customer 🏁
#dashcam #EpicFail #dashcamvideos #roadrage #insane #deathwish

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If you are not following my Facebook page, you are missing out on gems like this morning's Tale of the White PE Trainers and Epic Cat Poo πŸ’©πŸ™ˆπŸ€’ Find me! Laugh at my misfortunes! This morning, I am still trying to... πŸ˜‚
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Oo na. Sige na. Tama na siguro, wala na akong pag asa pa. Pinaramdam mo naman saken. Hindi ko na pala kailangan pang itanong. Ang bulag ko lang, ang manhid ko lang na di ko pa nalaman. Nakakalungkot, ayoko talagang bumitaw kasalanan ko naman, pero parang this time hindi na. Parang kailangan ko namang buuin ang puso kong wasak na wasak. Baka kailangan ko na nga dumistansya. Umasa. Tapos. Iniwan. Siguro, ito na talaga. Oo na. Mag gigive up na ako sayo! This time will be the last time! Masakit pero kailangan tanggapin. #EpicFail #LoveNotWar #MovingOn #LettingGo #NomoreTears #GodiswithUs

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That eye....idk what happened!!! #LOL #weird #epicfail #fail # strange

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PΓ€ivΓ€n haaste: yritΓ€ olla syΓΆmΓ€ttΓ€ liikaa. #fail #epicfail