Sarah Mecevic (@sarah_m0615)

Wore my walking shoes to work, with the intention of putting on my heels at work... #epicfail #shoemismatch #momlife 😂

The Dental Page (@thedentalpage)

This video is of a patient who thought it would be a good idea to do their own braces. DIY braces is very risky and can result in tooth loss‼️Make sure to always go to a licensed Orthodontist or a Dentist with training in orthodontics for your braces!! In other words, just leave it to the experts👨🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️ 😉
🎥Credit: unknown (DM me for credit)

Bert Wang (@bzwang43)

Trying out new movements with no skills - hopefully I can complete this front flip soon 🙌🏻 #epicfail

annajuliana (@julianajaenner)

Was nicht passt, wird passend gemacht! Wer sagt, dass das Bild gerade hängen soll??? 😂🛠️🎀 #epicfail #handwerkerin #doityourself #decorate #lifestylebydesign #schief #superwoman #hahaha

Hope Paguntalan Hofileña (@hapie_hopie)

#epicFail sa hooding kagina.... Huhuhu... Huwag naman bukas...


Found this gem from 15 years ago. Arguably my biggest bail caught on camera.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Full video + Aftetmath in bio <~ Check it out!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------#MTBFail #AlwaysWearAFullFace

Anna (@thewonderanna)

This was super manky. #foodfail

Teresa (@teresaschilder)

Finally I got to ride a snowscooter - for 3 secs before it had a motor stop! #snowscooter #rescuemission #dreamalmostcometrue #epicfail #thursdayinthealps

Italian 🇮🇹 in Sweden 🇸🇪 (@vale_foodandfitness)

Post workout breakfast after a killer leg session this morning! I swear, it hurts to just sit on the couch 😨😂😂 that means I had a good workout!👊🏼💪🏼 .
It took like forever to put together this plate, I made these #pancakes last night and they looked like everything but not pancakes🙈(#epicfail lol but nobody's perfect right?!😅)but they were so freaking good!😍🤤
For the pancakes (makes 10➡️2 servings):
▪️300g sweet potato (roasted 45min at 180°)
▪️200ml unsweetened @alpro almond milk
▪️4eggs (I used 120g egg whites to keep them #lowfat)
▪️2tsp baking powder
▪️4Tbsp flour
▪️1tsp #cinnamon ▪️Pinch of salt
▪️Cook them on a medium heat with some coconut oil or @frylighthq spray
▪️Add toppings and #ENJOY 😊 I topped mine with 150g @lindahlskvargse #whitechocolate 🍫flavor mixed with 50g warmed up frozen #raspberries, a drizzle of @bodylab chocolate zero topping, @waldenfarmsinternational maple 🍁 walnut syrup and 3️⃣ crushed almonds!!😍
#macros for this plate: 401kcal 58C 5F 30P 👊🏼
Lots of good vibes to all of you #fitfam ❤️