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Every artist has their dream team. What tweezers can you not live without? Mine would be the Borby boot for volume, tweezer 144 for classics, and 122 for isolation.

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This morning on, it’s all about #vanilla body products. Who has the best?

Check out 5 fab products from @frankieandmyrrh @seedbodycare @urbapothecary @soapandpaperfactory and @carolsdaughter —> Who has your favorite vanillas?

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So, what’s the secret to warding off the fine lines, wrinkles, and spots that come with age? The answer is using high-quality, effective products that give your skin the boost it needs before those blemishes appear. You don’t have to be knocking on 40’s door to start treating your skin properly.
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#fbf to when I was an esti student at the Aveda Institute Denver and @katiebebeauty got to play with makeup! She is such an amazing artist! #mua #coloradomua #katiebebeuty #chicagomua #aveda #esthetician

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This is my favorite mask ever! All my specialty facials I offer all have a different special alginate peel mask to go with it.
Why are Facials important you ask? Does looking flawless, fresh, young, healthy, glowing something you want or want to maintain? Then facials are essential! At home skincare can only do so much, after a facial you’ll have instant results of hydrated, healthy, glowing skin but also better product penetration which means your at home care will work better!💪🏻Yesss!
Care and maintenance now equals healthy beautiful skin! Invest in your skin, it’s yours for a lifetime 💋

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The only time I’ll tell you to slide into my DMs 😏 HAPPY FRIDAY!! ✨1st Time hydrafacial MD $97 ✨

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Come in @queendom_aesthetics today and get a brow wax with a free fill for only $10‼️
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Open pores anyone? 🙋🏻🙋🏼🙋🏾 I can say I’m one of them 🤷🏻‍♀️and in the past week I have received many questions regarding this matter. So let’s talk about you and me 🎤😂
There’s several factors but the 3 main causes are:
⭕️ Oily Skin- when excess of oil and dirt collect in your skin, your skin swells causing pore enlargement.
⭕️Age - as you get older your skin loose elasticity.
⭕️ Sex - in general males tend to have larger pores than females BUT women might experience enlarged pores during hormonal changes.
Here I provide you some beauty tips that you can use to reduce open pores 💃🏻😄
🔴 Aloe Vera - apply cold gel everyday before sleep 😴 💤 🔴 Cucumber 🥒- apply cold sliced.
🔴 Lemon 🍋 & Baking soda - make a paste and apply for 10 minutes.
🔴 Green tea 🍵- make tea and when its cold apply with a cotton as tonic.
🔴Tea tree oil- apply 5 drops of 💯 essential oil everyday.
🔴Mashed Papaya - apply cold mashed papaya as a mask for 10 minutes
🔴 Apple Cider Vinegar- mix 1 tablespoon ACV with 5 tablespoon of water 💦. Apply cold as tonic. 📅 Remember your professional facial every month with your esthetician 💆🏻
❌ Avoid exposure to sun ☀️ always use SPF(without oil)
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Good Morning Everyone! We have our big Peel event today, and we are SO excited! We cannot wait to see you today. A special thanks to everyone who has stopped by to see us these past few weeks! Happy Friday! 😘

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These are the results 👆🏼👆🏼 after four sessions of MICRO-NEEDLE with PRP and ESPECIAL WHITENING VITAMIN .
The skin gets its color from a pigment called melanin. Special cells in the skin make melanin. When these cells become damaged or unhealthy, it affects melanin production. Some pigmentation disorders affect just patches of skin.

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•1hr Facial $75
•1.5hr Facial $95 (includes deep extractions) •Facial & brow wax $105
All facials are customized to each ones individual need depending on what the skin is going through! Have you worked out today? 💜💆🏻‍♀️✨ #esthetician #skincare #eminenceorganic #naturalskincareproducts #beauty #salonspa #healhtyskincareroutine

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It's #SprayTan day... how are you loving your #TaniqueUSA custom #glow?