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Evil Within 2 is a heart-pounding rise and I’m enjoying every minute of it! #WWgaming #Evil Within2 #PS4 #Gaming #Games #VideoGames #Sebastian #Awesome #Playstation #Sony

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#117  Tsuji-Ura ( The Fortune Game )

Anyone can play the game, either alone or with friends.
All participants must bring with them a comb, and something with which to cover their face.

In order to play, players must go to a crossroads in the evening, after dark.
They must then sound their comb three times by running their finger across the comb's teeth.
After this, the following phrase is to be chanted three times: "Tsuji-ura, tsuji-ura, grant me a true response!" They must then wait.
Players are to wait until a stranger walks by (it has to be a stranger, it cannot be somebody known), and then hold up their chosen object with which to cover their face.
And as the stranger walks by, players are to ask them for their fortune, making sure to not uncover their face.
If the stranger does not reply, or refuses to answer, players must wait for another stranger to pass them by, and then ask again.

In Europe, it was said that the dead walked the roads at night.
It was also believed that the devil haunted the crossroads, disguised in human form.

So if one of those strangers were to suddenly stop, and if you were to hear their footsteps come closer to you, and if you were to see their breath fog the icy evening air, and if you were to hear their whispered predictions of your future - of happiness and pain, of success and failure, of love and death - just who exactly is talking to you?
A wandering spirit?
Or a fallen angel?

It's just a game. That's all it is.

It's just a game... or is it ?????

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(Updated)Satan Loves You 2 in Blackout

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„Ich habe das alles so gewollt, dieses Leben
Kein Zurück mehr, kenne keine Tränen
So viele gingen schon verlor'n auf meinen Wegen
Mein Herz wurde Stein, ich merk' nicht, dass sie mir fehlen ... „
Gute Nachrichten - ich drehe am Samstag für ein Format der RTL2 😊 kein Berlin Tag und Nacht ... was cooleres 😎 #rafcamora #bonez #evil #ilovemylife #ifbb #ifbbbikiniathlete #smokingfetish #smokinggirl #smokinghot #smokingkills #rauchen #rauchfetisch #rauchenkanntödlichsein #rauch #zigarette #dominantwoman

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Other night cooked up some heat wit the best engineer @mikemizy and my younging @therealseemyseem #evil #phony 🤘🏽🔥💯💯💯💯#traphousestudio

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Inktober part 2. Almost done. When my friend @josemariaparrilla show me his new costumes for Halloween...apple included... 😱😱😱...I have to draw it with Bic ballpoint pen!!
Inktober parte 2 casi listo.. Cuando mi amigo @josemariaparrilla te muestra su look (manzana incluida) para el próximo Halloween y no puedo resistirme a dibujarlo con bolígrafo BIC. 😱😱😱
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One of our five senses,
Most Senselessly misused for the wronging of others.

Millions of people
So close to my heart
Open the doors to their real life horrors.
Women I've shared ghost stories with,
Told me about men much scarier.

My own demons haunt me tonight.
The devil in their soul,
With their fingers clawing mine.
Tear open wounds that will never heal.

Unspoken fears make home in my body
And I shiver through the whole night unable to calm down.
Was the devil in me?
Is that why Skin rhymes with Sin?
And Stranger with Danger?

About men unknown,
I was warned, yes.
Them I could hit, scream at and abuse.
So many times. (Cringes)
But how would I ever prepare for something I didn't expect?

I knew you,
I knew you ...
You were a someone.
I knew you.
Or did I?
But now, I really do.
If evil had a face, it would be you.

Under masks of nightmares,
So many victims.
More commonplace than you'd think
This silenced assault system.

Whilst many still clutch their hearts in pain
The effort of sharing their stories in vain.
I stand for you dear,
I stand and make it clear,
A victim unshared isn't a victim less smeared.
To all the #metoo s

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