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As someone with ADHD and dyslexia, organisation is a must. I'm using a spreadsheet to track my progress. You may notice allot of red. Hopefully, that colour won't last for long!
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What Holds Us Together
If you’re one of the lucky people on earth you have people in your life that are there for you no matter whatever it is you go through. They’re like the glue to your existence. They’ll help guide you to learn lessons, see value, and ultimately keep you together.
Instead of talking about the people who take away from life, think of this other group. Remind them how amazing they are and what they mean to you. Daily if possible for they’re the most important beings on earth to you. Your family you’ve formed on this earth.
All species on earth thrive when united and fail when separated. No single individual can survive on it’s own. We need to unite and grow together because together we can literally reach the stars.
Unite. Live as one. Love.
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When you need to prop up your laptop so you use your college textbook from 4 years ago... money put to good use! #textbooksareexpensive #getyourmoneysworth #ingenuityatitsfinest #excel


Stay motivated out there 💪🏻


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I have am not one to beg. I don’t ask for help ever. I don’t search for pity which is why after so many years of abuse I’m finally standing up and showing that the grass is not green here.
I guess all I’m asking for from you is to stand up for what’s right n matter how much money is involved. No life should suffer this much. We only get one life. It doesn’t matter how bright the future is, what matters is the now. You don’t hold people back so you can #excel you don’t kick someone when they’re down so you can feel up. You don’t set someone up months in advance for abuse — especially without giving them warning.

What i should be doing is resting and taking care of my mind and body, what i am doing is having to prove to the world ten million things at once.
I can not lie. No matter what, I’m a very honest person. I have been called a witch in defense to their abuse.
Let me tell y’all something about Racquel c, i am not a witch. I do not practice witchcraft. Have i read a book or two about it from the local mall when i was a child, i did indeed. Did i ever do a spell . I did ONE. And that was to find true 💕 love.

Let me make clear that * AFTER * being threatened and abused with having my throat cut off, getting a virus, becoming hairy and fat and having my stomach damaged, i wished darkness upon the person who did this to me. Darkness in the sense of bad karma
From that day on the bullies called me a witch to the world.
The next morning in the shower i “removed” wishing any darkness and said i send to them all of the beautiful light i have inside of me.

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Ferramenta de Coaching para RH
Tem dificuldade em manter sua equipe motivada ? Precisa melhor o seu desempenho e de sua equipe?
Este curso é exatamente para que o gestores e empresários, alavanque suas gestão e equipes.

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A BIG congratulations to our #Quickbooks student Adnan. Adnan came to us looking for training and certifications that would help him improve his #employment opportunities. He chose to go after his Quickbooks Certification. As he was completing his training, he was hired on a contract basis by a major bank. He is now officially certified and recently had his employment contract renewed.

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