Happy Friday!! I miss the snow but dog gonnit I'm ready for spring! Did you know mommys birthday is the first day of spring? Rumour has it we are hosting a giveaway to celebrate

In the meantime make sure to check out our St Patty's giveaway one post back open to US and Canada. And we have another one being posted today for @charlietheshihtzubear birthday!! Holy moly so much stuff to win

Slideshow: Showing off and eating the delicious @carupetfood I won from @missbentleythecorgi giveaway


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Indy the Goldendoodle (@indythegoldendoodle)

Coming in hot!! 🎾💨
Are you ready for it?
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Austin Peluchin (@pelupoodle12)

Soy muy feliz cuando estoy con Mi Mamá #FelizViernes #AmigosPeludos // I am very happy when I am with My Mom #happyfriday #FurryFriends 🐶🐶❤️❤️❤️ #Followme

WagALot Creations (@wagalot)

How I feel about Friday & pizza of course👍🏻😍🍕
Lots of stuff going on this weekend for the shop!! SO exciting!!!
Photo via @obama_the_greyhound