Pepe (

My dad has backlit my hair to show how scruffy I look. I love the scruffy look!!!! By the way, that's dust around my head, not fleas. 😀#scruffysquad #mansbestfriend #postmydog #dogsofinstagram #dogs #pepeadventures #terriers #scruff #dogsmileuk #terriers #dogsofig #excellent_hounds

Junior & Cali (@staffys_r_us)

These two snuggle bugs can never be close enough! Happy National Puppy Day!! 😍🐾

Olive the Italian Greyhound (@olive_the_italian_greyhound)

It's so perfect that #nationalpuppyday falls on #tbt! 😆 Here's a puppy photo from my awkward tween phase! 🙈

Olive the Italian Greyhound (@olive_the_italian_greyhound)

Wow! Am I really this beautiful?! People tell me I'm pretty all the time but I never got to admire myself like this before! 😆

Olive the Italian Greyhound (@olive_the_italian_greyhound)

Still exhausted from yesterday! 😴 I had a full day of playing at doggy daycare then the furparents insisted that I couldn't sleep in the bed without a bath 🙄 Anyways happy #stpatricksday day!!! (Can you believe I don't own any green clothing?!) 🍀