mork the fuzzy claw missile ™️ (@gorkamorkagram)

I was play wrestling with meowmy when she noticed a bright red spot on the blankie. The next time I bit down, a tooth fell out! Swipe left for my itty bitty tooth! I had a vet visit scheduled today and the lady vet said I still have some of my baby teeth even though I'll be 6 months old next week. Now meowmy's on the look out if any more of my teeth fall out! On the upside, I get more of my yummy wet food instead of boring dry food 😸 #teething

Lykoi Cats (@lykoicats)

He did a spell so you guys qould all have a magical day 😉

#finallyfriday #lykoi #lykoikitten #magic #wizard #skull

Junie B. Jones (@junieb.kitty)

kisses for the weekend! 💘 xo to all my friends!

Leo (@imleothesiberian)

furont and center