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GOOOOOOOOOD MORNING! Okay not the same as "Good morning Vietnam" but still, gotta have that energy. #Execute has gone down this morning after taking yesterday to recover. Legs are still barking from practice, but I gotta rise to the occasion and keep improving.
Opened my "supplement stash" after my weigh in and laughed. I'm not losing a lot of weight, been pretty steady, my my skin is tightening up, I'm leaning out, and I was moving faster at practice. It's not about the number it's about how you feel, and the fact I'm getting the results with only three items is amazing. Goes to show that if you want real results, it's about putting in the work, not taking a bunch of stuff.
Want to try Execute since that's had the biggest impact, I feel? Check the link in the bio for a gift from me to you.
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Many years ago, I saw this quote in an article about Richard Branson and it literally changed my life and especially the way I do business. In fact, in the very first contract deal I ever sealed, I used this same principle and I continue to use it in many other areas of my life. It rings true to me and is very dear to my heart.
If I have any advise for any entrepreneur out there, it's this one. Why? Because too many of us turn down amazing opportunities because we think we are not capable, when we can just go ahead and say yes and then learn how to execute later.
Cheers to amazing opportunities! Yes to amazing opportunities!
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Without execution all you have intention. Take responsibility for your life and your business. Hit like, follow, tag and hit the link in the bio for more info.💪🏽👑

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Your attitude CAN DESTROY your life. 😱

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The next question I'm going answer is from @mariemseddiki "Want to be happy in life, but don't know?" - I've chosen to answer this question next, because this is a relevant question asked by many people. Literally, folk from all over the word want to know the secret to happiness...and I don't know it!
I spoke about this in my #instagramlive Q&A and explained, that I don't have the answer. It is my view, that there is not one singular answer to this question - what makes one person happy, may not work for the next. So what is my answer?
Values. Live life by your values and you give yourself the greatest chance of happiness. What are values? Values are rules or laws, that you create for yourself, that cannot be broken (by you) and that you live your life by. If at any point you realise you've broken a value, or that a value is being compromised - you stop whatever it is that's causing the issue and you find a way of fixing it.
As an example, my values are; Love, Relationships, Family, Helping Others & Being a Good Person. If I find myself in a situation where anyone of these values is being compromised, I praise myself for recognising that, rather than being angry at myself and then, I take action to change the situation that is causing the issue. This could be physical action or mental action, whatever is required.
By living for your values and not allowing them to ever be YOU, allows you to live with peace, because you know with both heart and mind, that you are living life embracing the things that are most important to you. Does this lead to happiness? Maybe, maybe not - but at least you know you're being true to yourself, every single day.
💡Now go kick some ass!

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Lead by example not by word, be a character of honesty, integrity & value, show the world that we still have good hearted people, give hope for the future, be the hope. I don't want or need the praise, recognition or credit because you're suppose share, give to other less fortunate, and be kind. Still building my platform so I myself don't have much, but I know people still have it worse than me. So I always give to people who have less than I do. Or anyone for that matter. We were born to love, learned and influenced to hate but never blame yourself. Actions of other should never affect yours, even if it's effecting you in a negative way, always stay true. My words and actions will either annoy or bother the weak minds but will attract, motivate and inspire the strong. I will be making meals and giving it out to the homeless, if you would like to join me, DM me. #mentallyandphysicallystrong #eatgood #feelgood #livegood #plan #execute #humble #live #fitness #fit #health #healthylifestyle #healthy #bodybuilding #aesthetics #shredded #goals #life #ready #humble #fitnessmotivation #performance #driven #eatwhoyoustarvewith #dreams