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Bought a Mavic Pro and flew it last night for the first time to experiment with the settings. Not a great photo in terms of production values but this is still a cool shot of our home from the drone as it was facing north. We live in a very beautiful part of the Sonoran desert. A very special thanks to the beautiful @daynawithoutrules for making it possible. #sonorandesert #homesweethome🏡 #scottsdaleaz

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Centro storico di Ponticelli.
Quando mi dissero che sarei dovuta andare a fotografare la quotidianità di quel rione, vivevo un pregiudizio.
Essendo nata in periferia, in un paesino inculoalmondo dove 'ragazza-con-macchina-fotografica' equivale a 'la-mia-attività-clandestina-rischia-di-chiudere-se-vengono-a-sapere-che-produco-sapone-con-cacca-di-cicale', pensavo che sarebbe stato difficile catturare qualche immagine interessante.
M'ero preparata ad incassare con nonchalance copiosi e ingiustificati 'vaffanculo', insomma.
Invece, le persone di quel sobborgo non solo erano disposte a farsi fotografare, ma anche a raccontare, con una dignità sconfinata, la realtà del loro quartiere;
un luogo pregno d'orgoglio che veniva trascurato e trattato con indifferenza dagli enti territoriali.
Ho anche scoperto che, al mercato di Ponticelli, vendono i carciofi ad un prezzo assai ragionevole.
In foto, un uomo gentile ed educato che s'era fatto scattare qualche foto nonostante l'accollo incessante della sottoscritta.
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I like to think of myself as fairly low maintenance, even if it means being high maintenance up front.
With that being said: I got my eyebrows microbladed the other day and I. Am. In. LOVE.
What I'm not in love with though is the 10 day healing period where I'm not allowed to sweat. Like, for real? How does one not sweat in the summer?
If you need me, I'll be hanging out in someone's walk in freezer for the next week. No guarantees I'll be alive, but at least my brows will be on point. 💁🏼

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so far this tour has been blessed to be on the road with so many cool dudes. @jakobowens came through in arizona yesterday..some crazzzzy s#*t went down. today we are live in VEGAS!


She's more than the fire in your veins.

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Lets Ho summertime

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"He placed a pinch of snow on his tongue and thought of making snow ice cream with Frank and their mother when they were small boys - 'First you stir in the vanilla' - Frank standing on a stool on his wondrously functional pre-Libya legs, the bullet that would sever his spinal cord still twenty-five years away but already approaching: a woman giving birth to a child who will someday pull the trigger on a gun, a designer sketching the weapon or its precursor, a dictator making a decision that will spark in the fullness of time into the conflagration that Frank will go overseas to cover for Reuters, the pieces of a pattern drifting closer together."
-Emily St. John Mandel, Station Eleven //• got a lil new friend in my new car.. 😊 it smells so sweet and beautiful. Lavender & Vanilla 💜💜💜