Lennart Pagel | @germanroamers (@lennart)

Land in motion. If I had taken the same photo back when the little lighthouse was built in the late 1800s you wouldn't see any water in this picture. How? This part of the Danish shore line is constantly being shaped by strong winds and waves and the sea is gaining territory every year. The lighthouse is estimated to fall of the cliff in around 15 years. Crazy stuff.

Leslie Walker (@blueskiesopenroads)

just taking a morning stroll //

Jai Eldred (@jaiwa_gwes)

My favourite human being! Lab yu 😘😘😘

Josh Scholten (@joshscholten)

One of my favorites sounds is waves against the shore of the lake.

Cindy Ha (@cindyh_)

Jurassic park vibes

Greyson Sofia MacAlpine (@greysonsofia_)

Yet another foggy morning in San Francisco. Palm Springs, I miss you. 🌴☀️

FP (@fputak)

find light in the beautiful sea ✨🌊

Katie Curry (@honeybrushdesign)

Loving the creative freedom that I've found through making changes in my business. I've finally found my sweet spot for @honeybrushdesign !
Photo: @chels_diaz