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F-35B Lightning II Stealth Marines (Photo:Scott Scott Dworkin) #flynavy #navy #navalaviation #fallon #vfa101 #f35 #mach91photo

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Me: *Laughing* *Casually having a conversation with Spring* “SPRING, you are finally here! I’ve been looking all over for you!”
Mother Nature: “Oh honey, why yes! Today is my day!”
Me: “We should celebrate with amazing weather, the sun a-shinning, and little bunnies frolicking in the meadows!”
Mother Nature: “Nah bitch. Imma give your ass a snow storm.”
Gotta love spring in the Midwest. Happy First Day of Spring y’all!
- Hals //

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This beautiful little girl at my show came up to me and said "Mr. Deven, when I grow up, I'm going to be a singer just like you!" And my heart instantly melted lol. Then she gave me a big hug that made all of the problems in my life instantly disappear. She even drew me a picture and signed it. She asked me to keep it with me whenever I play. Fallon, I'm honored to keep it with me for every show :) #Fallon




2.99%的留言在說她的身高 , 1%的留言在抱怨那其他99%的留言

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If anyone knows Jesus, Now would be the time to let him know a little Devine Intervention would be helpful! Thanks in advance. :) #wishmeluck #gottobeinittowinit