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I know, I know... longsuffering is a NASTY word. Longsuffering means, to suffer long.
You are such "delicate flowers" that we can't take any heat... but I know you have no problems dishing it.
He's a nut when he doesn't do it your way.... or you can't stand it when he * fill in the blank*. But... God forbid if you do something wrong or offensive you want mercy for yourself.
It's ok... it's not too late to make amendments.
What is something that you can think of that someone who put up with you when you were in a jam? When you were going thru something... needed to depend on them for something, and it was NOT their obligation to help you.
If you can relate, then have a little... even a lot of longsuffering for the man's last name you have⭐️
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Eric Negrete (@dingleberry_z)

Claim jumper restaurant a few weeks ago for my nephew Jacob's b-day! Love my fam! #familyfirst #13thbirthday


I know I just shared a pic of me and my gram but putting this filter on her made her smile ❤️#itsthelittlethings #goodvibes #positivity #pma #prayer #love #family #00s #familyfirst #prayers #godbless

cgarcia1905 (@gcarlos1905)

It run in the blood. #🏀islife Kev gets buckets. #prouddad #familyfirst #senior

Minnie 👑 (@minnniemouuse)

My first day home. ☺️

Fun Family Project (@funfamilyproject)

It the perfect time to create a Family Bucket List;
It's the start of the year,
The kids are on holidays,
Make it an activity over the weekend to add 2 or 3 things each to the family list.

Hands up who will be doing this?

Émilie Papin (@emilie_papin)

Parce que celle la je l'aime 😍 avec mes 🖕 gentils et ta face de gars que j"exaspére 😂😂 jtaime le frère contente de la relation qu'on a maintenant👫👌❤️ #freresoeur #lovefamily #familyfirst

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If you can't stand to getaway without ALL of your family, our lodge is perfect for you! Bring your dogs, cats, horses, and kids! We welcome them all! #furryfamilymember #horselover #familyfirst #unplug

April Espinoza (@swore_fitness_mrsbeast)

For the past few months I have been under attack about who I am as a mother. That I don't do anything for my children. That all I care about is myself and social media and my muscles 😑. Aside from everything you see here, there's much more behind the scenes. From late night "I kind of like this boy" talk to "Mom, why don't people care about animals, like us?" All the way down to "my tummy hurts" and "can't I just be your sidekick for the day instead of go to school?" Our lives as parents are completely different. What one parent sees as discipline the other can simply see as a reason no to #communicate with their child. We are all different parents but it doesn't go without saying we are all shitty ones if our opinions and structure differ. We will NEVER see eye to eye. To be the one belittled during our current situation can be unnerving and stressful to many.... but to me it's a #challenge. A challenge I am ready to overcome and prevail for the sake of my children. How am I so sure of what I have been as a parent? This.... this scribble on MY shoe done by my 9 year old. I teach my children #compassion #humility #strength #resilience #persistence and above all #forgiveness and #love amongst so much more. It's bumping into this shoe while packing my bag for yet another weekend away that knocked me back Into my senses. That proved to me that I am, in fact, not a horrible mother. Thank you baby girl for unknowingly saving my #pride and sanity. #familyfirst #family #love #mykidsrock #littlethings #parenting101 #houston #staystrong #stayvigilant #keeppushingforward #realmoms #strongmompray