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Total eclipse of the heart. 🌒💙 When I was pregnant with Sienna someone told me to enjoy it while she's was in my belly because you can't protect them from everything once she's born. This couldn't have be more true.
We were at the park last week and Sienna was sitting at the top of the slide deciding whether or not to go down. Two kids came up behind her and said "hey you need to go." Sienna doesn't have that natural social queue to turn around and look at them, so instead she just sat there unphased. I was watching from the bottom trying to let them all work it out, but the kids were getting annoyed with her. I went up to the slide and told them that she was a little nervous to go down and they could go around her. Immediately Preston rushed up to her side and tried to go down with her which made the kids more anxious. I told them to go ahead, then Sienna rode down with Preston. The kids left right away to be replaced by another boy. Same thing happens. I'm sitting there like, not again. 🤷🏽‍♀️ So I go to the top of the slide and tell the little boy the same thing to which he just leaves. On his way down he bumps into Preston and right away they become friends and go down the slide together. It broke my heart to see how differently life is for Sienna vs Preston. He can make friends so quickly while Sienna struggles to just be understood. That's the hard part of being a mama, the urge to want to fix everything but knowing that you can only do so much. Will this happen at school on the playground? It seems likely, but all I can do is hope that Sienna can meet eyes with one person and have some kind of connection. However, big or small it may be. ✨

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Tuesday's are for tooshies!
And how sweet is this brand new tooshie wrapped in our Swallows leggings. Perfectly soft and stretchy for that precious newborn skin 💕
So not only have I got some exciting news for you this week, but we've also got a couple of awesome things planned that you will most certainly want to be a part of 😉

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Damn that bag of chips in the back though 🤦‍♀️
Romper from @avaslittleboutique
Headwrap from @stitchembowtique

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Her natural look.. and my girlfriend was right Charlibaby hair is starting to get curly on ithe tips it was only curly at the roots and straight at tips now all of it s getting curly just like she said it would. I was a little concerned at first now I gotta figure out what to do about the dryness
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How sweet does Aylah look in this outfit. ・・・
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