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Wear stripes of every stripe πŸ‘”
Looking to add some statement stripes to your wardrobe? The look and a link to an exclusive @lovedrobe discount code are #linkinbio #mylovedrobe #sponsored
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It is high time that we stop using the word β€˜flattering’ or dress according to our body type, skin colour, occasion or age.
Wear saree to work or shirt to the beach. Wear brightest shade of yellow or dress in black from head to toe. Not because it makes you look thinner or taller or fairer or curvier but because it makes you comfortable and makes you happy!
I’m so thankful to the set of women who taught me to not give a eff about flaws or assets and taught me to love all that I am.

Lucia (@ucantwearthat)

Another piece I got from @fashionnovacurve, the "talk that talk off the shoulder top" this is in a 3x I like it a lot but its quite tight on my arms (my arms are huge though) I will probably be wearing it with that @societyplus tutu and vans. This piece has a lot of stretch and can definitely work for people up to a 5x in my opinion. Again I love the neckline on this, its sooo booby! 🍈🍈😍 #ucantwearthat #fashionnovacurve

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Gods i do not want to be awake rn but i got hit by a sudden wave of pain at a 7 so I'm up to get breakfast and then take some painkillers, hoping to get it down to a 4. The best part is that I thought it was just my hip, but then my spine and my knee decided to join in... Plus my spine not ONLY hurts, it's all out of whack. Can it be Wednesday (when my wheelchair finally gets here) yet? ..........
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Lucia (@ucantwearthat)

My @fashionnovacurve order came today and this is one of the dresses. Its a 3x so technically 2-3 sizes too small for me but the rib knit fabric means I can make it work. The fabric is so stretchy that is doesn't feel tight at all. I bought these dresses specifically for the neckline which I love and find it really hard to find necklines like this in items my size. Anyway... I love this dress. #ucantwearthat #fashionnovacurve