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MANY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO THE INCREDIBLE @lesleyannbrandt 🎊🎂🎁🎈🎉 Maze is a total badass and I fell in love with her so quickly ✨ also you seem like such a genuine and kindhearted strong person and deserve every bit of joy in your life, you can get ❤️

Dead Silence (@deadsilence_art)

Извините,что не делаю шикарных фонов и не умею красиво раскидывать вещи.. Я акцентирую внимание на персонажах,на людях в основном...

Daily WWE Wrestling 🎥📷 (@thewrestling.boss)

DEMON KANE 😱😱😱🔥🔥🔥🔥

Daily WWE Wrestling 🎥📷 (@thewrestling.boss)

PART 3/4 😱😱😱🔥🔥🔥
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Daily WWE Wrestling 🎥📷 (@thewrestling.boss)

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Daily WWE Wrestling 🎥📷 (@thewrestling.boss)

Kane destroy steve austin 😱😱🔥🔥👹👿
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SPN 30 DAY CHALLENGE DAY 16: Favorite demon
Aside from Crowley of course 😁 I really enjoyed Abaddon and Azazel because they were villains with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. He was the reason that Sam and Dean and John had lead such miserable lives since Sam was a baby. Abaddon was merciless and was one of the hardest antagonists they'd dealt with up to that point. Plus I loved her outfit 😂 S13 trailers have me really digging the evil Colonel Sanders thing the new guy (Asmodeus, Azazel's brother) has going too, but we'll have to see whar I think for sure when he makes his first appearance. #spn #spnfamily #spn30daychallenge #favoritedemon #azazel #abaddon #asmodeus #princeofhell #knightofhell

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Como cuando usábamos la biblioteca para chismear y sacarnos fotos 😢🔙 Ahora todo es investigación 😭😭😭
#besties #favoritedemon

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Mas vocês acharam mesmo que a distância mudaria alguma coisa? risos 💛 #favoritedemon

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Years go by., time becomes a cruel ally., but the spirit remains forever young... #demon #favoritedemon #gay #gayman #failedexistentialism (@heatherstevenson97)

I will never get over how much I am wrapped around your lik pinky. I love that you call me your best friend and tell me how pretty I am, even tho you are my best friend and the prettiest lil girl I've ever seen. You remind me to keep going. You have helped me so much since I lost dad. You were my little saving grace that I needed. I love you to death Rylynn Dixie . #mybaby #myprincess #niece #favoritedemon

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Ik it's early morning, but holy fuck. I finished season 12 of Supernatural 😰 welp. Spoilers from here on. If you haven't seen it stop reading now. You've been warned. Holy fuck. First off, RIP Cas 😭😭 also, did they really think that they could save LUCIFER'S child? I mean okay, it's Sam, Dean and Cas and they try to save whoever they can but still. Once Kelly wanted to save the child cause she thought it could be good and not evil, I knew it was a mistake. You're still looking at Lucifer's child, no matter how you want to look at it, he's bound to be born evil, even if not as evil as Lucifer himself. I mean I get why Crowley wanted to save the child, with him being the king of hell and all, and if Crowley were to save the child and raise it as his own well he would not only have 1 up on Lucifer, but the child would do as he was told by Crowley, not Lucifer. But the Winchesters should've known better. Speaking of Crowley, RIP Crowley as well 😭 welp Lucifer got what he wanted and his child about to be mini Lucifer aka Lucifer jr. The Winchesters are gonna have to take care of that sooner or later most likely. Also the british men of letters that are still in London, are they gonna go after the Winchesters now or? I mean Sam did help with dealing with those fuckers that came to America so who's to say more won't show up looking revenge? Anyway I'm done, gonna try to go back to sleep now haha #supernatural #season12 #finshedit #supernaturalseason12 #holyfuck #luciferschild #gotdamn #dayum #ripcas #ripcrowley #kingofhell #myfavoritekingofhell #favoritedemon #damn #fuckyoulucifer #damnit #why #music #musicislife #bands #bandsarelife

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Spending time with my adopted family #favoritedemon