This is LIVING!!!! 🎿💥🌅⛷️ .
Got to ski down behind this little one & watch her on her first large run today! .
She’s 5, #FEARLESS, and such an amazing reminder to just go for your goals with an open heart!!! ❤️ .
#heartisFULL❤️ #nevertooold #fun #lovelife #keeptahoeblue #northstar

— taylor swift 🌷 (@thisiswhytaylor)

— good morning ♡
q; haylor or jaylor?

Ella (@toujoursmireille)

#TheFutureIsFemale 💕Thank you to all the #women who March today! ✊🏼I feel so inspired by every man and woman out there who took to the streets. 2017 has changed the conversation around feminism and the experience of being a woman so much.💐 The change came from so many corners, be it #biglittlelies that accurately portrayed the experience of being a woman, all the voices of the #silencebreakers who bravely told their stories and showed so many women they were not alone in their experiences, #galgadot who showed little girls they could be their own #superwoman, #PeggyWhitson 👩‍🚀being a kick-ass astronaut, #MaxineWaters 👵🏿reclaiming her time, #AshleyGraham 💃🏻teaching us about body positivity or #JacindaArdern 👩🏻‍💼a week ago sharing news of her pregnancy and being cheered on for becoming the first New Zealand PM to become a mother and run a country. Thank you to @stuffmomnevertoldyou for putting so many issues of our society into perspective from a female perspective. Thank you to all the platforms who provided a place for all the stories of women sharing their experiences and stories. I look forward to #2018. Most of all I am thankful to all the women in my life, it is so vitally important that we support each other and be each other's cheerleaders. I am excited for what this year will bring. #womensmarch #womensmarch2018 #girlpower #thankyou #womenempowerment #fightlikeagirl #timesup #edsftg #OneYearLater #pink #peonies #feminism #HeForShe #rolemodels #frauenandiemacht #thisisouryear #brave #Fearless #sisters

Shea #1 Getaway Car DWOHT Stan (@fortsundercovers)

Swiftie Award Nominations begin today!
Nominate your favorite Swiftie for the BEST OVER 1K award after reading the rules below! 👇🏻 1. You can not nominate yourself
2. You can ask your followers to nominate you
3. If you bribe your followers for a nomination, your nomination will be declined!!!!
4. If I see any drama or conflict between accounts that have been nominated, both will also be disqualified!! This is supposed to be fun and light-hearted.
5. NOMINATION MUST BE ACCEPTED BY ACCOUNT WITH A DM TO ME. ❗️Having only ONE nomination does not guarantee you a spot during voting rounds for the award❗️
Just tag the user in the comments to nominate them, I will be starting us off nominating someone for each category as well!

Cheating Partners (@partners_au)

There are no two ways about it – affairs can be hugely painful. Feelings of shock, anger and resentment can quickly set in and knowing what to do about them can seem torturous. The mere thought that your partner may be attracted to someone else or actively involved with them is tough enough, but knowing what to say or do about it is usually tougher.
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Kerilynn Wilson (@kerilynnwilson)

Ironically I had lots of fear when making this, so you know... 👍

Alice_beats_Fear (@alice.vs.fear)

Fear #1 Tunnels - Each time Alice crosses a tunnel she imagines a hamster disco party. #fearless #alicevsfear

Ethan Rains (@ethan_rains)

I walked into Rumi cafe and Rumi whispered this in my ear.. #rumi #freedom #fearless #nothingtolose #poetry #soul #truth

Chin Ⓥ 🇯🇲 (@rootsmanchin)

"We the people are greater than fear." A mother with her two children, after a day of protesting.
#Protest #Protect #WeThePeople #FearNot #NoFear #Fearless #Mother #Woman #Women #Children #WomensMarch #NYC #NewYorkCity #Subway #NYCSubway

✨ Regina ✨ (@thereglaw)

I am #bold. I am #fearless. I am a force to be reckoned with and #idgaf who is bothered by that.
2017 was a year of learning for me. A year of really starting to figure things out. 2018 is a year of coming into my own and setting life on 🔥🔥
Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Don’t let others opinions prevent you from living out your hearts desires.
As one of my favorite women, @loriharder always preaches, find and live out your bliss. That is what I am 💯 committed to from this day forward.