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🔮Cleansing Crystals!🔮
One of my favorite ways to give my crystal babies a clean energetic slate is just to let them bask in natural sunlight. When you find them at gem shows, there’s no way to know their history and who has handled them. And as we all know, energy rubs off. I’ll usually add in a little sage smoke bath in addition to the sunlight. There are so many ways to cleanse. What’s your favorite way?

Kristen Witkowski (@tinykowski)

Nothing says “love” like getting a handmade card from your momma bear. 🐻 #motherbearbearface @carolynwitkowski @livesimplyart .
“Someone told me girl you gotta move on
Keep your hands on the wheel
And your face to the sun
With your eyes wide and knuckles white
One day at a time and you'll be just fine
Trouble tied to a feather
I feel just a little bit better” #lonebellow #feather #onrepeat