🐾 Karlos (@karlosthesausage)

Where are you going agaaain? ☹️

Arthur (@arthurs_mini_adventures)

Daddy keeps me company on Wednesdays when Mummy is at work. A littllllleee inconvenient for my carpet chewing activity but that's what Fridays are for ✔️🐾🐶

Schnitzel Von Krumm (@schnitzel_vonkrumm)

Dad, please feed me, I haven't eaten in almost 20 minutes!! #bitchgottaeat #thickchick #curves #fuckingstarvingbitch

Ziggy & Luna 🐶🐱 (@ziggy.and.luna)

I had a really fun time out and about in the sun with mummy and daddy at the weekend! I went swimming, ate oranges, sat by the lake and did lots of walking. It was great!

Albert The Golden Weenie (@bertie_the_weenie)

Annoying Uncle Charles with a bit of butt in face action 👅

Woody Baker (@woodyroundups)

I'm an innocent little pup 😇🤥