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“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

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The trail to Nishani Motte is a lesser-known trail in Coorg. Starting out in rich shola forests and meadows the trail follows an impressive ridge walk to the summit.The peak offers a spectacular view of the layers of the Brahmagiri range. This is followed by a stay in the forest at the anti poaching camp. This varied combination, makes Nishani Motte an ideal weekend trek out of Bangalore.

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HAPPINESS 🙌🏻👌🏽As we get older we realise how precious life really is. We start valuing time ⏱️more as it starts running out faster with every year that passes. In the last year or so I have learnt to be mindfully happy every day - to stop 🛑 each day for a few minutes, close my eyes 🧘🏼‍♀️and visualise all the things that make me happy, all the people in my life I am greatful ❤️for, every milestone I have achieved, being greatful for my functioning body and my health.. and then suddenly one realises how many things there are to be greatful for every single day. I want you to be mindful of that because we never know what tomorrow brings. Happiness is not something that comes at some point, happiness is an internal state of mind that can and should be experienced on daily basis. Most of the time we have the power to change majority of circumstances or outside triggers that can make us unhappy - we can choose to invest in more positive relationships 👭we can choose a different job or career, we can even more countries. Of course sometimes life will deal us a few cards ♦️ we don’t expect but we have to believe we will have the power and strength 💪to get through whatever is thrown at us, bearing in mind that many things are still within our control. So my challenge to you is try to be mindfully happy every day even if it’s for a moment or a minute ⏳and see how different you will feel about your life❤️⌛️⏳

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This is your weekly reminder to get your outdoor therapy in!! Everything about the outdoors is designed to make human beings thrive. The trees, air, animals, flowers, colours, sun, clouds, water, sounds, moon, smells, bugs and everything in between are all working together to make us feel fresh, healthy, filled with endorphins and ALIVE! Get your butt in some kind of nature - EVEN IF ITS STANDING NEXT TO A SUCCULENT - those things are powerful! 🙌🏻🌊🌝
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A grand window to experience the rising rockies 🇨🇦 simply unforgettable 🏔️

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Are you saving the "Drama for your Lama"?! By practising mindfulness, being kindly present to the moment, we allow ourselves to respond rather than react to the world.
Our primitive brain/limbic system starts to become more relaxed, allowing us to be with the reality rather than defaulting to the memory of old dramas& stories in our life❤️ Image via @learntoloveinfantmassage

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Go Where You Feel Most Alive ⭐️ #feelalive

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“Don't let the expectations and #opinions of other #people #affect your #decisions. It's #yourlife, not theirs. Do what #matters most to you; do what makes you #feelalive and #happy. Don't let the #expectations and #ideas of others #limit who you are. If you let others tell you who you are, you are #living #their #reality — not yours. There is more to life than #pleasing people. There is much more to life than #following others' #prescribedpath. There is so much more to life than what you #experience right now. You need to #decide who you are for #yourself. #Become a #wholebeing. #Adventure.”
~ Roy T. Bennett
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Who ❤️’s loaded 🥑🥒salads🥗?! Try adding sautéed shrimp to your greens, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber and a dressing made from scratch! 💥Eat Smart Stay Fit👊🏼✨Loaded salads are fun to make... try adding a variety of healthy fats, protein and carbs to make them nutrient dense and filling!!
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Well it’s been an unreal week at @redresort!! WFC killed it!! Super happy to have taken 4th place! Congrats to @_aoifed and @olivia.mcneill for second and third ladies!!

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Sometimes a good #weather and a good #drive makes you #feelalive