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El mejor uso de la imaginación se llama creatividad... y el peor uso... es sin duda la ansiedad.
¿De qué lado estás tú?

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Loving these Saturday feels✨Cards, coffee, and new planners what else do you need ☕️ Go check out the shop today for all your #snailmail goodies ✌🏻#wholesalelife #copperpaperco #planner #saturdaymorning #pursuepretty #cards #weekendvibes #shopsmall

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Why do people procrastinate? Sometimes it’s simply because they’re lazy. A lot of times, though, it’s because they’re afraid -- that is, afraid of change, failure or maybe even success. Confident people don’t put things off. Because they believe in themselves and expect that their actions will lead them closer to their goals, they don’t sit around waiting for the right time or the perfect circumstances. They know that today is the only time that matters. If they think it’s not the right time, they make it the right time.

Andrea Genevieve | Creative (@andreagenevievecreative)

In our society where information flies at us all from all angles, content matters more today than ever. Excited to be speaking at the #ContentATX summit today on the power of images and Instagram marketing!

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M O D E L | not a document object model but me playing model for @glamourspain November issue alongside @karliekloss and the other amazing code influencers! Check it out!! 👩💻: @bigdatagal @codergirl_ @estefanniegg @girlknowstech @codingcouple 💥 Translated: 💥
Coding on the net. Coding or programming in the Spanish version has become a movement (all throughout) the RRSS. Demonstrating that women also have much to say and share about this field and also making it clear that the “nerd” girls have taken a genuine step(I don’t get this part)towards being the “it” girls of the field. Humor, style and the desire to open this world to women are the objectives they share among themselves. Follow them!
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#savvyempoweringwomen ・・・
Happy Saturday. Listen up. You need to do the things that will put you in a winning position. Create, build, connect, communicate, follow up, follow through, collaborate, partner and help others. No ones going to give you a damn thing, so be prepared to do all the hard work. Please and thank you! Sharon xo
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CONFIDENCE COACH (@the_confidence_catalyst)

Be excited for what the future holds! Where you are today is only temporary. This too will pass.
Place your hand over your heart and say "I can't wait to see what my journey holds for me!" Feel excited for your future! #theconfidencecatalyst 💫✨💫

Ana Kinkela (@wildsoulspeak)

YES. 💓 We are the descendants of wild women. The fire of our ancestors burns bright inside of us. •

Samhain is coming, when the veil between life and death grows thin. It’s a time when we can access the wisdom of our ancestors and honor them through ritual. I love this time of year. There’s a depth, warmth and powerful sense of connection I feel all the way in my bones. •

Find your wild ember, dear loves. That’s your navigator. Your essence. Your passion. Your desires. Your Wild Soul. Hold it delicately in the palm of your hand, and allow it to grow and strengthen. Nurture that wild ember, because at the end of the day, it’s all you got.

GLO Guidance (@glo.guidance)

"When I’m not feeling my best I ask myself, ‘What are you gonna do about it?’ I use the negativity to fuel the transformation into a better me."

juliane1986 (@juliane1986)

“How do you stay so motivated?” One of the questions I get asked the most! And the answer is simple...... I don’t!
I have to work at it EVERY SINGLE DAY! And it isn’t always easy, I don’t always make the best choices, but I know I wake up with the best of intentions and try.

But here’s something I’ve learned....working out isn’t just about losing weight or building muscles. Your brain matters too! Our minds and our bodies are so deeply connected, and when just like feeding our bodies healthy nutrition is important we need to feed our minds too;

With positivity
With hope
With inspiration
With tools to help us succeed

Reading personal development books, listening to audiobooks, podcasts, watching YouTube videos and also seeing other people’s transformations and reading their stories for me are ALL forms of personal development!

They inspire me, get me in the right frame of mind to believe in myself, go out and tackle the day!
Are you taking care of your mind? Do you pay attention to what you entertain yourself with or read on a daily basis and how it affects your frame of mind? As they say, garbage in, garbage out! If all you read or listen to day in and day out is negativity how can you expect to feel positive?

So this morning after a fabulous night’s sleep I’m digging into some “School of Greatness” and my awesome pre-workout (aka magic nectar of the gods ⚡️) and getting ready to CRUSH this cardio workout!
Are you a personal development fan? Drop your favorites below!

Or do you need some inspiration/positivity and would like a suggestion on something to check out? Drop an emoji or comment and I’ll reach out! 🙋🏼🙋🏻‍♂️
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Pieces Of Starr⭐️Starr Miller (@piecesofstarr)

🦄🦄rings on a bed. That thick ditty on the left is a setting style I’ve been playing around with. So far so good. Now off to the diamond district for opal hunting! Pinky rangs are the bees knees. #evileyering #metalsmith #ladymetalsmith #femaleentrepreneur #atlmade #goldsmith

kharissa forte (@therealkforte)

Last night, i had the honor of being able to share my story with nearly 1,000 women at Lynda Randle's "A Woman After God's Own Heart" Conference.
It was powerful.
Chains were broken.
The spirits of many women were made whole.
So grateful for the opportunity to show that your past has no power over your purpose. What God has for you is for you and it is your destiny to prevail. (Full video on my Facebook page.)