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Female Quit Rates Across Science, Engineering and Technology. Our mission is to put a stop to that. Why do you think women are leaving their jobs in tech? Comment below!⠀
(source: @ncwit)⠀
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With wedding season in full swing this card is still customers favourite! It's one of my original designs when I first started, it's so nice that it's still a popular choice. 💍💕

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Saturday, scrap that it's the weekend vibes.. Wishing you all a fab weekend whether you're resting or playing. 😎😁

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What do you think?

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Събота сутрин с аромат на кафе и палачинки... това е усещане за дом ❤️ хубаво е да живеем заедно @desislavacherkezova и @desi.temelkova ☕️🥞
А аз за първи път в живота си направих истински палачинки - цели и вкусни 😂

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As well as running The INTUITIVE Skin Care Clinic this year I've also invested in & opened a new business, NOURISH nails and brows plus I've also been studying since April (& driving over two hours there & two hours back to school every Sunday...) With the examiner coming to Spain at the end of November my head needs to be DOWN & so I will be withdrawing a little from social media for a while. .
I love IG ~ it is one of my happy places so I will be still here, just not much.
Running businesses whilst studying is intense (& waaaaaaay more challenging than I ever anticipated plus it's definitely harder when you're older) but no pain no gain as they say & one of the many things I love about this Industry is that we never stop learning because the more we know about the human body/s the more we know we don't know.
And let's face it we have to reach for the stars because if we don't we'll never know what personal goals we're capable of achieving.
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Lashes x Brows by Debbie Cotti (@bellalashbrow)

We started from Classics now we're here! 😎 This beaut has been rocking with me for over a year now and I still transition styling for her from time to time as I'm still trying to work out what flatters her eye shape more so going a little shorter in some areas to add some depth and to make the middle long lashes look longer and mixing curls 😍 No matter how many lashes we try to fill at infills there are STILL more natural lashes left to fill even when I tape first few layers up 🙈 But we still love the outcome 😍

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10 days after having our 3rd baby, we went to church to make things right with God, you see my marriage is not like any other, am one those who married traditionally first, then years later we did our white wedding.
None of our parents were there, My 3 year old son, Rex was our ring bearer 😂😂😂 ... We had few friends in New York but what mattered most was we had God by our side. My aunty planned the wedding from start to finish, my dad's brother (since my dad was in nigeria then and could not join us) walked me down the aisle. I ran to Mac makeup at the closest macy's store to do my makeup 🙈🙈🙈🙈... Then i went to David's bridal to buy a wedding dress 😅😅😅😅.
Chai! The fun was in all mess we did to make sure we do the right thing. 12 years of knowing you and am Glad God brought you to my room that day where you told me how much you loved my stretch marks 😕😒
No matter the hurdle we are made for each other. Happy wedding anniversary Obim.