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2018 // Travel With Us
We have some exciting news! We’re now taking expressions of interest for joining us on project in 2018 in Morocco and Rwanda. Join us as we tell the stories of women entrepreneurs in developing communities and learn what goes on behind the scenes as we expand our project portfolio. Email for more information. Is 2018 the year for you to influence change with your own hands? Lilli xx✨✨#TheBoundlessEdit

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love your self. 💎🦄 Don’t be the person who lives afraid of what could happen be the person who lives in love with what can be. Surrender your life to the universe by living your moments with joy and gratitude. You will be rewarded. Don’t believe me? Just watch ✨

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I could spend a whole Sunday on this beautiful blush velvet couch with a good book. How are you spending your Sunday?⠀
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To think I almost got suspended in catholic school because my art teacher said I draw too exact so I must be tracing! Think again chick! Never!!!! Stunning @melrwhite 💛
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Dreams manifest into reality. So keep dreaming Diva.

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In 2018 I plan on adding speaking at events apart of my marketing plan. To be honest a huge part of my marketing plan. I’m excited about it because I want to help as many people as I can build strong business using online marketing strategies. My business consists of helping businesses that are frustrated and overwhelmed with all things marketing and feel like they are drowning in it! For an example... Web Design, Social Media Management, Email Marketing,Landing Page creation, and so much more. I always tell business owners to be proud that they have done so much on their own already. It’s a smart business move to have someone help them execute their marketing task for them so they can focus on closing more deals. I love my job and I absolutely love seeing business thrive! I’m currently accepting new clients for 2018. If you are looking to get your marketing to do list executed please make sure you reach out to me. DM me or email me at

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“Sadda Shaker Empowers Women One Pageant At A Time”
Photo and article by @afterglowgallery on @artistuprising
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You are too valuable not to be walking in your purpose. People need what you have.
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Persistence 101:

The mind is the powerhouse of self-discipline and will power is subject to what you’re willing toward. To achieve self-mastery, you must understand that your daily thought patterns can be easily renewed the following morning by what you convince yourself of today.

The “you" of today is a different person from the “you" of yesterday. The more you begin to realize that you are speaking to a new person each day, the more power you gain over what you do TODAY.

I’ve adopted this into my routine whenever I want to achieve anything new in my life. Take my detox for example. I had to stay clear of bad food for a few weeks in order to get results. So, instead of saying “I’ll just have a donut today, 1 won’t hurt, & tomorrow I'll eat healthy.” Instead, I would say “I will just eat my healthy food today, and reward myself with some chocolate tomorrow”. And just have that same conversation tomorrow as if yesterday never happened.

So, act as if today is the only day left in your existence. This mind hack is great for pushing you to do what you wouldn’t normally do, but on a daily basis. Act as if today is the day you decided you would be on your best behavior while keeping in the back of your mind that “I will rest tomorrow”. The idea, in the back of your mind, of you taking a break tomorrow will give you that extra push to make sure you outperform yourself TODAY.

Want to learn how to turn your passion into an influential brand ? Get the "Whats Next" eBook, Link in @mindingherbusiness profile.

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Who's up?! So an amazing friend @king.animashaun tagged me in this. And I thought to share...No need for epistle.
I'm sure entrepreneurs can RELAAAATE!!!
To add to what he @stillinthegame said, be MORE concerned about the real deal which is making SALES!!! ...About 14 more days to 2018.
Let's go make the sales! Amen!!!🙏
Merry Christmas inadvance 🎅 .
Tag a business guru who needs to see this
In The Other News,
We'ld Be Delivering The Following Come Monday Morning:
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Christmas bonus is finally here!!! See previous post for more details😊😊😊
Good morning and have pleasant day💚.
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I'm not one for superficial conversations.
The moment I meet you, I'm probably asking you what your deepest hopes and dreams are- or what you're working on.
〰️ I have no chill
And I always always always discover that the people you meet are so much deeper than you realize at a glance.
Every one.
Even that person you think has had the picture perfect life.
The reason they might not share is cause they are scared, might not know how, or don't want to bring anyone down with their 'issues'
👌🏼 So be kind.
You never know what someone else is going through.
It might be so much deeper than you could ever know.
And your openness, non-judgement, and acceptance might be just he thing they need