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Ladies, how do we feel about underarm hair? 🤔
Many modern day females have expressed the freedom it gives them to decide what they WANT to do with their bodies vs. what they’re FORCED to do because of society’s expectations of beauty. We here at Twistie are here for all female hair + the freedom for everyone to do whatever they please with their own damn bodies 🙌🏽

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Strong and sexy exercise:

To "Lose Stubborn Weight, Tone Up, and Get on awesome back physique for that black dress, suit or for the summer months.
💯Answer is focus on these key 4 elements at all times on weekly basis:

1- Gets your mindset in the game.
2-Find ways to manage your lifestyle
3-Focus on your nutrition and gather data on what’s working or not working.
4-Commit to having consistency with your Training.
The back muscle/structure is very large and complex for best results it’s preferable to train the back through several exercises and angles for a more complete back development and improve your back physique.
🏋️️‍♀️Today’s exercise is the 1 Arm Back Row,
a great exercise not only to strengthen your upper body and back muscles such as the lats, upper back and traps, but having a strong back is a must for keeping your posture upright and correcting any imbalance cause by gravity and sitting down everyday at work on your pc, also having a strong back and frame is pleasing physique to the eyes.

This exercise is great to feel the muscle of the back working especially when done correctly also great for beginners and advanced clients as it creates a base of stability when learning pulling exercise.

Top tip when pulling the weight upwards is imagine you’re rowing the weight to your hip or pocket.
🏆As always make sure you master the basic with any exercise you do, like what my clients is demonstrating or seek proper guidance from within the faculty you train at.
📱For all of your training needs to tone up your legs,back, butt and arm, or flatten your tummy while building strength and amazing self-confidence to look, move and feel totally awesome, get in touch via these means or book your free consultation today at

Have a great day folks& keep winning in life.👍

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KISC - Keep It Sexy & Classy, ladies. You never know when your next opportunity will arrive😉
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