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Filming ‘Hantise’

Casie (@casieluong)

Checking out #breakingbad sites with my guy. We are nerding out way too hard. ✌🏻

Taps Media (@tapsmedia)

Bouncing light ☀️ Finding soft light is so important in film making.. When the reflecting surface is large and matte in texture, it will provide an extremely soft light, but its distance of carrying this light will be limited. Here's a simple styrofoam board I made from home depot that does the trick. Any white wall or ceiling can be used for bouncing light. Styrofoam “bead boards” are considered to have the most matte surface and therefore reflect the softest light. They are extremely lightweight and can be easily broken into different shapes which you can get a little creative with ☝🏽 The only problem is transporting this thing!

Artem Kot (@artemk0t)

А как Вы проводите выходные))) #хабиби #artemkot #filming #dance

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A Ferreirinha apareceu lá no set 😂 Que bom trabalhar com um talento como o da Filomena! 📸 @runlolastudio @elite_lisbon
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I promise you, you won’t regret me like the tattoos on your skin. #justageminithing

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Popped up on my news feed from a couple of years back! Had a blast at Disney HQ, and Pinewood Studios, behind the scenes at the Muppet Movie of course Miss Piggys were the obvious choice ,add in a splash of Kermit Green.. Voila officially a muppet florist! Now just a bunch of muppets... #misspiggyroses #weddingflowers #bouquets #filming #behindthescenes #accessallareas #pinewoodstudios