Bron Bron (@thechosenoneig)

(Top) Thank fuck you geico lizard looking bitch, you might finally do something right!

Cal + Liv (@tom.hllnd)

We had finals last week and I was great until second semester hit me like a brick wall. ~Cal✨
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PinPoint Sports (@pinpointsports)

Drake salutes LeBron on passing the 30K mark. 😂🙏 (via @uninterrupted)

Zach Smith (@zachsmith012345)

Throwback to the high school rock off!
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Bron Bron (@thechosenoneig)

I’m going to come right out and say it, we lost because of guys like jr that play 28 minuets and cant score a single fucking point, why does he even have an nba contract anymore? You see there’s a simple solution to this, trade jr and TT because there shit and fire Tyron because he obviously doesn’t know how to form a good lineup

Nikki (@_nikkiferrell_)

Walks over 3' like it's nothin 😩 too bad this horse can't do the 3'6" anymore cuz of a small case of kissing spine or I'd still have him 😩 #missthisnugget #ernesto #equestrian #hunterjumper #eqlife #finals