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You. Are. Magic. And knowing this starts WITH YOU.

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I love this one, this one hits very deep for most of us. You will always encounter people in your life that don’t see your worth, that don’t see how truly valuable you are, that don’t realize how special you are, how amazing you are. That don’t understand how important you genuinely are. Make sure though that you don’t permit it to be yourself is all, you don’t see your worth because a close family member of yours has treated you like dirt before and doesn’t value you how they should or maybe an ex that treated you like shit... fuck, it can even be a relationship you’re currently in at the moment in which that person doesn’t remind you how valuable and amazing you really are, one in which already got so damn comfortable and takes you for granted and doesn’t even show 10% of the effort compres to where they tried getting with you. So it fucks with your state of mind and you start believing yourself that you are worthless, it’s up to you to not allow yourself to get to that stage and take over control again over your self love, you are important, you’re amazing, you do mean something in this world, you are significant, you can make an impact, you are loved.... you are special homie! 🙌🏼❤️😊

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Remember you were born naked
Remember you are a woman who ebbs and flows
Who waxes and wanes
Who rises and falls
You’re not crazy
You’re not PMSing
Nope, don’t listen to that crap.
You are alive
You are a force
You are essence
You are wild
You are everything

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Sunday is coming 😍
Make sure you have book to read...

What are some of the books that are really worth reading that you can recommend for me?
Let's share your favourite books
Happy sunday
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No, you don’t have to hate what you do and spend all week day dreaming about the weekend. That was my life for so many years, too petrified to leave a job that wasn’t fulfilling me because of all the stuff I could buy with all the money I made. But those material things only provided a short sharp high proceeded by a deep dark low, and I was quickly onto the next external thing to fill the deep internal void. Find what you love, that thing that will make you jump with joy out of bed in the morning. The world needs more happy healthy people following their hearts. So blessed for the gift of yoga. I am honoured to share this healing practice with the world. Namaste lovers xx #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogi #selflove #selfcare #findyourtruth #santosha #gratitude #mindfulness #meditation #leadwithlove #anahatawellbeing

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so much change on the horizon but just so so grateful about where life has taken me the last five years.
DC feeling more like home than ever (especially since I have never in my life lived in one place for more than four years 🙈) #luckytoliveinDC

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This morning’s New Moon at 6:42 coincided with the sunrise at 6:37. The New Moon occurs when the sun and moon form a conjunction in the zodiac, in this case, at 26 degrees of Scorpio. The moon is invisible to our eyes because of its proximity to the powerful rays of the sun. This is a fresh cycle, a moment of rebirth for the astrological Moon. This New Moon ushers in the start of our holiday season. Let it bring the positivity and generosity the world so desperately needs. 🌞🌚❤️🌎♏️♐️ #astrologer #inthestars #photooftheday #instagood #instainspired #beachlifeforme #salisburyma #selfloveclub #findyourtruth #loveyourselfmore #naturalhappiness #emotionalwellness #inspiredliving

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👂🏼Silence. Peace. Om. 🌏 Noise may seem loud, but silence is deafening. consuming. enlightening. Be with silence, listen truthfully and honestly and you may be surprised by your solitude. Sit, observe and see things as they truly are. #findyourtruth .
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True Yoga (

Grand Opening Class: Saturday, November 18th 12 noon. Open house to follow at 2pm.

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Imagine each inhale as taking in fresh possibility, Love, and confidence... and each exhale as doubt, worry, and negative thoughts leaving your body. 💕💕💕
People don’t realize that Health Coaches do so much more than just giving you diet plans or workouts. 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻🥦🥒🥝We get you healthy from the inside out. 😊✨A healthy mind creates an environment for a healthy body to thrive. We help our clients find out what’s in their way of them being their best self and collaborate with our clients to find solutions so they are not doing it alone. The support, tough love, accountability will have you grow in all areas - your health, career, finances, relationships, and spirituality. ✨ We help you find your truth and step into that. And that feeling is so magical. My goal is to help you achieve that!!!! Once you feel that, your life will transform!!! ✨✨✨💕 #trust #healthcoach #healthandwellness

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It’s time. I’m ready.
For the next two days I will be in a quiet cabin, tucked in the woods...with my love. ❤️
No tv. Fireplace. Big windows looking out on vast beauty.
I’m a big believer that if I don’t DO the things I’m posting...I have no business posting them. So yeah, self-care y’all. Self-care.
I’ll see you on the flip side.
Stay amazing. You are loved. ❤️ #selflove #selfrespect #selfcare #naturefillsmysoul

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"Authenticity is the essence of attractiveness. To find his authentic self is the only real task of men, a never ending journey and the only one that matters. It is all about his truth and learning to express it to the world. It is all about not being afraid to want what he wants and to ask for what he wants. It is all about searching for what has heart and meaning to him, for what he wants his life to look like, and for ways to project himself forever onto the worlds stage." - Zan Perrion


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You will feel like home with people who make you feel comfortable wherever you go.
You will find your special places and favourite spots in every city after a while.
But did you realize that you yourself are a slightly different person wherever you go? The place itself, the energy of it, the specifics, the style and the people will all have an influence on you. They resonate with different parts of you in various depth. And bring out of you what you reflect on.
So the only way to find out what Heimat is, is to feel inside of yourself in the different places. To observe yourself when you like yourself the best. To recognize which place brings out the best version of yourself. And where you can fulfill your purpose and be of service the most. Because this is what it's about. We want to have our Heimat there where we are loved and needed the most. Where we can live and play and experience life to become our true self and share our gift with the world.
So start to love yourself for who you are. For who you like yourself the most. Find out what makes you feel you. Where and around whom you can be the truest you. And feel into it to find your purpose. The gift that's inside of you and wants to be shared with the world. To make you happy and live the life you love!
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During the times you feel buried,remember you’re actually being planted for greatness. Every one of our struggles opens up opportunity, if we remain open to seeing it this way.💖🌟