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My baby is starting to walk. 😁❤️ so much love #firststeps #love #son #family #happy #happymoments

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Made our first official IVF purchase today, from three time zones and a country away. If you try to plan ahead so you're NOT trying to figure out how to pay pharmacies in San Diego and Tucson with a credit card that lives in your husband's wallet while you're in Toronto... that is EXACTLY what you will end up doing. Plans are for suckers. Two pieces of good news though- we're well on our way to collecting a crap ton of credit card travel rewards, and I didn't pay full price for anything.
$397.50 is not the amount I spent, it is the amount I saved. For the uninitiated, there are two major drug manufactures that make most of the drugs used in a cycle. Insurance coverage for these medications is virtually non-existent and the sticker prices are obscene. Each drug company offers a discount program that they are all too happy to reject you from. The trick is knowing that they both have appeals processes and that they will match each other. It kind of makes me queasy that they bank on people giving up when they hear the word "no". But if you are even mildly annoying (I mean persistent) you can save 25% or more in 15 minutes or less... Oh wait. I think that slogan is taken.
I made phone calls to each program to get the procedure for an appeal and chose to work on First Steps... first. I told my story, attached a photo, and called twice a week later to check on the status of my appeal. The woman on the phone approved me on the spot and I got written confirmation the next day. Then I paid $0.99 to send a fax to Compassionate Care asking them to match it and got approved later that day. I was pleased with myself, to say the least.
Here's the thing. IVF is expensive. Depending on where you live and how much medication you need, it can be very expensive. Most people pay out of pocket since coverage is spotty and limited. Being able to save even 25% is a big deal, especially if your first round doesn't work and you have to go back for seconds or thirds. So now I tell anyone who will listen- apply. Appeal. Don't take no for an answer. These drugs companies can more than afford to give desperate families a break.

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My babygirl is starting to walk 😍 my god im so proud of her #firststeps #11monthsold

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Travel essentials for my little love 💼 Best baby bag out, Aunty @lham_1992 knows what's up!

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Well its the day I take my first steps again and they gave me @isabelle_boyers slippers. Maybe to inspire me #inspired #firststeps

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Every journey begins with the first steps.

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Ce petit humain a marché ses premiers pas pendant nos petites vacances dans le Maine. 🤗

Cette photo représente tellement bien notre petit séjour en famille. Soit que mon homme et moi, on était cramper de comment ce déroulait notre séjour ou soit que nos enfants nous rendaient fou tellement ils étaient tornade. 😂Vous avez des trucs pour voyager avec de jeunes enfants ? (Kit de survie pour prochain voyage) Question de revenir au moins reposé 😅
#familyvacation #familytime #familygoals #firststeps #11monthsold #maine #ilovemyfamily #familyoffour #boyscrew #crazyfamily #wehandleit #makingmemories

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Общение на английском - идеальный способ научить ребёнка языку👍🏻
Например, мама дома постоянно говорит по-английски🇬🇧, а отец – по-русски🇷🇺

Единственное условие – пока ребёнку не исполнится четыре года, не меняйтесь ролями, иначе вы его запутаете.
Это действительно один из наиболее эффективных способов, но если вы не владеете английским настолько, чтобы можно было говорить с ребёнком хотя бы на бытовые темы – пройдите курсы английского языка сами или запишите ребёнка в группу английского для малышей! Потраченные усилия окупятся сторицей. В результате вырастет ребёнок-билингуал (билинг), который будет одинаково хорошо владеть обоими языками, сможет общаться на любом и легко переключаться между ними👌🏻
#englishfokids #englishforadults #lexicon_centre #firststeps