Marika Giovanna Lodi (@marika.giovanna)

This was one of the best weekends of my life. #FirstStepsToSuccess #Equinox #LA

Flavia Etoundi (@flaviaetoundi)

Your success isn't about πŸ‘‰you but about others. How many people can you influence to become successful themselves? "Real leaders raise up other leaders." Dani Johnson. The top 2% of high income earners take theirs children to business conferences/seminars‼️I'm learning from them and next First Steps to Success in Cleveland, Ohio from July 8-10, 2017 I'll be taking Katlynn, my 11 year old niece with me. Then I'll take my nephews and once I have kids they'll plug right into the system. Those bambinos are totally being programmed by me (their mother). 😁😁My entire family will be among the top 2%‼️That's the plan... βœ…Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it." #Americandream #success #survivor #entrepreneur #orphan #dreamer #business #millennials #christian #leader #inspiration #motivation #immigrant #personaldevelopment
#kids #children #firststepstosuccess #danijohnson #generation #family

Flavia Etoundi (@flaviaetoundi)

Find your passion and go after it. It's so easy to say. There are many definitions to passion but what I've come to realize is that passion is strongly linked to endurance, discipline, persistence and diligence. I attended the First Steps to Success this weekend hosted by Dani Johnson and another piece to my puzzle was discovered. "If there was anything in your life you'd regret not doing, what would it be?" said Dani Johnson. My answer came to πŸ‘‰me and I've chosen to pursue πŸ‘£πŸƒπŸΎβ€β™€οΈthat route. Let's just say I'll let my actions speak for themselves. πŸ—£οΈπŸ˜ #Americandream #success #survivor #entrepreneur #orphan #dreamer #business #millennials #christian #leader #inspiration #motivation #immigrant #personaldevelopment
#clarity #passion #firststepstosuccess #danijohnson #fearless

Mikki Kline (@mikkiinmotion)

I learned so much this weekend at #firststepstosuccess ... I have pages and pages of notes and a plan for action over the next few weeks. Humbling myself to accept that if I'm not learning and growing I'm falling behind. I am here for a purpose and that's too important to let myself be seduced by my comfort zone. It's time to get uncomfortable and #unconfident. πŸ’• @danijohnsonlive

Drew "DestinedLegend" Mitchell (@destinedlegendz)

Airbnb, I highly recommend when you're traveling. Got an awesome beach bungalow for a great price here in Venice! Quiet, private, an absolutely beautiful and perfect place to think and write, after a power-packed personal growth and entrepreneur seminar and workshop with The One and Only @danijohnsonlive over the weekend! Guys. THERE IS MORE TO LIFE than the 9-5 mouse 🐭 wheel you've been running πŸƒ around in for years! If you've lost your way, it's not too late. Go to and register for the next #firststepstosuccess event! It's actually in #cleveland all my #ohio peeps!!! @lebronjames get your team there, @cavs and I promise you, y'all will win the world 🌎 basketball πŸ€ championship again! Come to think of it, please @indians and @clevelandbrowns and @ohiostatefb @theohiostateuniversity get there and become unusually successful!! @not_deserving_mercy @fitchristophermitchell @alchem_amy @kyypasa @ifbbpromikeely @mikedaviesfitness @bradsealock Anyone who has a business in OHIO, get there, and watch your entire life #change overnight! I'm sure most of you are already living the life of your dreams and are just too healthy, too wealthy, and too busy traveling the world and making a positive impact to go... But if you know anyone who could benefit from learning from this self-made millionaire who was homeless at the age of 21 and made her first million by the age of 23, tell them about this event! It's not just about making money!πŸ’° It's about healing relationships, forgiving yourself and getting over all the mistakes, lies, and excuses you've been telling yourself. It also teaches you how to raise amazing kids who will always show honor and respect and who will lead their classrooms and their future jobs! It also teaches you the people and communication skills that has helped millionaires all over the world land the job, promotion, or career goal that has catapulted them to #success in #life ! It has helped countless stay at home moms and dads start a home-based business and add an additional 6-figures to their family's income! No excuses! Get your butt to the next event! @kassandramarie1984 @aehajjar @alliwv517

Goshen Sai (@goshensai)

Thanks @isa_agape for this dope reminder of what happened in LA, April 22-24 2017. You helped make this weekend great. βœŒοΈπŸ’ŽπŸ”₯πŸ™ #unforgettable #lifechanging

Dani Johnson (@danijohnsonlive)

We ALL make mistakes!!! And you gain the trust and respect of those around you when you confess your mistakes and ask for forgiveness! #FirstStepsToSuccess

Fortitude_Health (@fortitude_health)

Good Morning from California β˜€οΈ It has been a whirlwind of a weekend!
My husband and I attended a conference here in LA. Phenomenal!
We made sure to have healthy snacks and plenty of water. The sessions were about 3 hours each so not much exercising went on!
Going home later today, so I got 30 minutes to squeeze in a workout! I see that BOD IS WORKING πŸ™ŒπŸ» YES!!!! #2017goals #california #danijohnson #firststepstosuccess

Marla Martin (@fitnessbymarla)

Who is this girl and who took her workout clothes ??? Lol this weekend is al about Success ... successful business , family , marriage friendships and ME!!! All about being a better me ....For Me !!!! I might come back a little bit of a changed person !!!! But only for the better !! I have learned so much already this weekend it's unbelievable !!! Dynasty is my next step!! And anyone in improving any part of your life NEEDS to get to one of these events!!! #life is good #dressforsuccess #danijohnsonevent #firststepstosuccess #abetterme

Chris Suyama (@suyamama)

Went to a great seminar this weekend, and feeling motivated. Had to use my coping skills with not being able to move around and keep my sustain attention up to par. Solution.....doodle on my leg. Operation "doodle" success!
Adhd life hack

Ashley Smith (@keto2pruvit)

Amazing weekend shared with great people!! 😘 #firststepstosuccess #danijohnson #dju

Cari Carson (@cariannecarson)

What an experience!!! You just have to go....whatever it takes to get to the next one!!!
#danijohnson #firststepstosuccess

Dani Johnson (@danijohnsonlive)

Opportunity is not lost; it's taken by those who TAKE ACTION! #FirstStepsToSuccess