ROMANS 8:28: we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose • it is SO easy to get discouraged when things just don't seem to be working out or when you are having a hard time with the circumstances in your life. i've been there + honestly it's something i still struggle with from time to time..but i'm always reminded that i need to trust that God CAN + WILL use all of it to guide me into His PERFECT plan ••• are you going through a tough time right now? maybe you’re confused with why things are the way they are? if so, i encourage you to change your perspective on it all + do the BEST that you can with what you have right now. God WILL use your situation to shape your character + prepare you for the time when you will fulfill His plan for your life. 🖤

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Hi peeps 🤗 The @maximmag Maxim's Finest contest is still going on, and I would be super grateful if you would continue to vote for me! It's free to vote. Link in my bio 💕
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Happy freakin Monday! Due to a massive headache I had to take yesterday off from the gym so I'm way too excited to be back in it today. Finishing 2017 strong with some new fitness goals and more videos. If there's any part you guys would like me to make a short clip for, just leave a comment. 💪🏾🍑 Believe that every step you're taking is advancing you. Even though day to day you don't feel it; someday if you don't will see it

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🍻 to finding what you love & never letting it go! ( in all aspects of life, including people ☝🏻)

Find a sport you love. Find a hobby you love. Find a DREAM you love. Find a place you love. Find a mindset you love. Find a career you love. Find a partner you love. Find a best friend you love. Find a goddamn water bottle you love. Never settle- in anything, for anyone, FOR anything. Always chase what YOU LOVE.

That 'tis all. This photos got me feeling all kinds of emotional about how much this 👆🏻friendship has changed my life for the better. Thank you @regeneration_fit for being you ❤️ My challenge for all of you beautiful souls is to go find that warm and fuzzy feeling for yourself in ALLLLL aspects of life. #YouMakeYou 🤗

Ps TWO new blog posts have been added to my blog in the past 24 hours (wow yes go me I know) so check em out and I'll love you forever! •
PSS I want to start a weekly email with bonus content: including more on mindset, workouts, and nutrition. HMU with your email if you want to join! ❤️

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Cardio & Arms = CRUSHED!! 💪🏽Anyone else feeling super motivated this #motivationmonday ? 🙋🏽 Starting out my week by planning my workouts & my meals and ready to #slay 🤗 Also going to challenge myself, as per the @toneitup daily email, and pick up heavier weights and really see what this body is made of! Who’s with me? 👯 #tiuteam #tiugirl #tiuflex #tiubaltimore #strongnotskinny #flex #armday #fitbabes #sweatyselfie


The joys of a good selfy mirror 📸
#Repost from @elinnfitness with ... 1. I love this mirror so much except for the lines across it 😂
2. First day of work today!!! It was fun but since I had school before it I'm literally dead rn 😫 I need 12 hours of sleep lol x
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269/365 .. Feel present and remain in a state of gratitude. When we are grateful we manifest the feelings of abundance into our lives. In this moment, what are you feeling grateful for? 💫 // #holistichippie

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My goals- 🎯only eat gluten free foods
🎯lose 9-10 kgs in 10weeks
🎯focus on fitness
Watch this space..... as I'll be back to posting- all things to show what I do in order to get it back!! Please remember to like, comment & share as the more you do the more I'll post! 😀 thank you ✌🏽 Also I want to say I'm sorry for lack of posts during the last few months! I'm slowly working my way back and finding my inspiration 👟🍴💪🏽 Side view- (part two of three)

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#HappyMonday. Only a week or two of healthy low carb diet, light to medium weight high rep workouts and water water water water.. and💥Shazam. Arms got fluffy the last few months and it's time to get them back. Go get those goals #Gainsters! #motivationmonday

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>>>I just finished my last Monday of my current program and not gonna lie - Plyo is not my fave but I also kno it's important to #push & #dohardthings in order to keep improving. My wellness peeps are seriously blowing me away with their determination & I LOVE how they help ME stay motivated & on track! 🙌🏼 We are so much stronger together!!!

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My girl @alainakathleen did it again!! I decided to go shorter with my hair and I'm freaking loving it, I feel so sassy 😂 not gonna lie, I've always been so scared of cutting my hair too short but I'm such a low maintenance kinda gal, I think it will be so much easier to style my pink hurrrrr 🦄💕

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Have you ever noticed the beauty around you? Do you stop in the middle of the highway just to capture the perfect moment of beauty. When you take the time to notice things and slow down instead of always being in a rush you invite magic into your life. You’ll be thirty minutes late? Your boss will fire you? That’s not practical? Anything can be as you wish it to be if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to learning something new and jumping out of your comfort zone. •
I know I said the Coaching workshop was closed, but we are planning a HAPPY HOUR with several top coaches on our team so we can all get on a virtual call where you get to just hangout and learn and ask any questions you want!!! Who down?!💜💫🥂🍾