DANNY STEEL (@dannysteel88)

Pull-Down Warming Up..

DANNY STEEL (@dannysteel88)

2018 Time for some shoots πŸ“Έ

DANNY STEEL (@dannysteel88)

Motivation for myself.
From a Couple years ago.
To get back bigger & better.

DANNY STEEL (@dannysteel88)

Time to get back in shape..and coming back with better shape in 2018.. ✌️

Knock.out.king (@knock.out.king)

My favorite fighter

bartquist (@bartquist)

Not one of the longest but without any doubt one of my most memorable morning runs. Maneuvering trough the crowded streets of Bangkok in 28 degrees. Slow(er) running can be gooood!

Lilibeth ❀ (@drux.x)

Rompiendo mi cadera para que se me vea bonito el abdomen 🀧

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A total knee replacement it is!
The diseased knee joint is replaced with artificial material. The knee is a hinge joint which provides motion at the point where the thigh meets the lower leg. The thighbone (or femur) abuts the large bone of the lower leg (tibia) at the knee joint. During a total knee replacement, the end of the femur bone is removed and replaced with a metal shell. The end of the lower leg bone (tibia) is also removed and replaced with a channeled plastic piece with a metal stem. Depending on the condition of the kneecap portion of the knee joint, a plastic "button" may also be added under the kneecap surface. The artificial components of a total knee replacement are referred to as the prosthesis.
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Bo's Beauty & Booty (@boobeauboo)

R E S T D A Y F E E L S 😴
Seriously though, how cute is this color combination. 😍
And I think the top was under πŸ’²10!
A good outfit can really help getting you motivated. When you look good, you feel good. ☺️
Tap for details! πŸ–€
Who's ready for the new week? πŸ’‹