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Senti-me um pouco melhor e vim cá parar 😂😂...
Claro, ouvi os sinais do corpo...e não abusei 🏋️🏋️🏋️.
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Dedicated to my little sis @evie12321 who is just learning to lift.
This is one of my favorite compound moves. Deadlifts work so many muscle groups: legs, butt, back, arms, forearms, shoulders, traps, and abs! But primarily I would use all kinds of deadlift variations to help strengthen the posterior chain. I am going to post some deadlift variations in the near future but today I worked on my form in a conventional deadlift.
The set up:
With foot position, it is really about what is most comfortable for you.  Aim to have your feet roughly shoulder width apart and be in a position where you can generate the most power - I find that this is with my feet slightly pointed outward.
Grip the bar just outside of your shins. I use a reverse grip when I lift heavier weight and overhand grip when I lift lighter weight.  When you use a reverse grip make sure you’re alternating which hand is over top so you don’t create imbalances.
When you do a conventional deadlift make sure you don’t drop your butt too low, you are not trying to squat the weight here, you’re trying to rely on more of your back, glutes and hamstrings to perform this move. .
Keep the bar close to your shins as you lift it up and set it back down. When you are at the top of the move don’t drop the weight immediately or lower the bar too slowly, lower the bar in a swift and controlled manner with your core tight and engaged.
When I warm my glutes up with resistance bands before deadlifting I see such incredible results in my ability to engage my glutes.  It is also so important to keep your core tight, spine in neutral position and avoid any kind of rounding of your back or hyperextension of your spine.
I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday! Happy lifting xo
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Musing for my friend @gershonkreimer
DM for rates if you’d like to work together!
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Atún en salsa negra 🐟🐟

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A session in which coach says light deadlifts and I proceed to pull without straps all the way up to 285. I also try benching with my brace and I don’t feel horrible!!! 🎉
First video is strapped deadlifts 285x1x3.
Second video is strapless 285x1x1.
Third video is strapless 275x1x1.
Fourth video is strapless 265x1x2.
Fifth video is bench 85x1x5.
Deadlifts looked and felt great and I felt comfortable going up to 285 without straps. As for the bench... ay caramba... I warmed up with just wrist wraps and felt too much pressure on my palm. Switched the brace and felt better but GOOD LORD these commercial gym benches are unforgiving. Couldn’t get traction for my arch so my shoulders couldn’t retract. Couldn’t adjust the rack height so it ended up being a close grip bench. Just not conducive to me testing out my bench. If I was on a competition bench, I bet I could have done more, but it’s not worth pushing myself. This was a test run and I’m satisfied with my progression. I’m not 100% yet, but I will be.
Coach💫: @deku.83kg

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💙C - A - T - S , Cats, Cats, Cats! 💙 .
I'll be honest - I'm not a fan of our team this year. But our boys work hard and have made it this far. Rooting for them to beat Buffalo and move forward in this tournament. 😄😚

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Ever loved someone so much that you'd do anything for them? Well, make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell makes you happy. 🖤
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Because each woman is full of her own unique talents, traits, and badass-ery. Trust YOUR Dopeness! 😉 #GetUplifted

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Lazy Sunday mornings = blog fixing + YouTube ☺️🙌🏽