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these photos are each one month apart .. the difference i made was incorporating a heavy leg day with low reps + a high rep lighter leg day each once a week 💥 also started incorporating some hill sprints on the treadmill vs the no incline sprints i normally did

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I felt good today...I felt like I could throw up ANY weight you give me...well until I got those 20lbs and tried to do bicep curls. I ended up going all the way back down to 10lbs, lol. It was the next to last bicep exercise but still...me and those 20lbs were not getting along. One day we’ll go together like rice and gravy...but today was not that day!

Overall I had a very good back and biceps workout. I did 5 of each for a total of 10 exercises. I finished up with a little cardio and called it a day. 41/41!!!! This is coming from someone who doesn’t love weights. I do it because I know my body needs it and it’s the only way to reshape the body you have. Believe it or not I’m not concerned with my weight. Neither should you!

Be concerned with your clothes and if they’re getting looser. Be concerned with your workout or eating habits and if they are getting better. Be concerned with your sleep time or stress levels. If those are improving you are on the right track!

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happy #nationalpuppyday to the dog of my dreams. thankful for my tiny queen today & everyday. 👑♥️😍

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Excited to be part of the Spring edition of @mybalancedbox ! .
If you haven't ordered your box yet ... do so now! Some awesome products in it!
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Working out but not making gainz? 🏋️
Tap on my profile link for a FREE report on what to eat for maximum gainz. ☝️
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#flashbackfriday to st patties 🎉 when I had good intentions to DD.... but that didn't last long 🙃
So how do you have a good night and still stay on track with your fitness goals ?! First off stay away from sugary drinks! Vodka water and lemon are my go too! I often sneak MIO in with me if I want to add flavour 🙊
KNOW YOUR LIMIT! You don't need to get blackout to have fun! Have a couple drinks, get a good buz and ride it out !
Stay hydrated!! For every alcoholic beverage you have, have a glass of water as well! When you get home before bed drinks LOTS of water!
I always start my nights out with 2 scoops of bcaas. To help protect those muscle against alcohol cause #gains 💁🏼 (the only time I drink bcaas really tbh 😂 I do find it helps to not have a hangover in the AM but this matters on how hard you go.) #DontGetTooLit
I'm not promoting drinking and if you have strict physique goals then 100% skip the drinks. It's rare That I do go out and drink now, I leave it for special occasions. BUT I know a lot of my followers are in the age that you will be out with friends on the weekends and pressured to drink. If you do, just be smart about it. Don't train heavy the day of and then drink! That does absolutely nothing for your body other than set you back. Plan your week and workouts accordingly to night's out.
Have fun & be safe ❤️ it's okay to live a little, it's not going to completely derail your progress. But remember your habits will take a toll on your body. So make sure you're keeping healthy habits with some balance.🍷 #JustMyTwoCents #ThatTimeIWoreLulusToTheClub #IronBarbie

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Sadly, food today is often used and abused much like a harmful drug or a repercussion for an action or lack there of. This will undoubtedly lead to bad habits and even worse physical results. Treat food the way it was meant to be and you'll start to see a charge!

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Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere
Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere
Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere!! •
•Ms. New Booty
Bubba Sparxxx

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Wow !😮 What an absolute honor to be the first ambassador of @soaringhealth
Such a great team with a great vision: ‘To enrich lives so that people can go on living.’
When I started @creating_a_beast it was not only to have somewhere to track my journey, but more importantly, to spread positive vibes and encourage people to get out and move a little more.
I always hoped to show that you don’t have to be the leanest or the strongest, but just be the best version of you! I trust in @soaringhealth to keep me in the best condition so I can keep soaring! I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of what I do without the help of these fantastic people! #keepsoaring -
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Did someone say #foodporn??! This dish was to die for... no JOKE! Today at @nobumalibu w/ my friends from @mazdausa as we test drove the all new CX-9 and their entire fleet of #premiumcars! #nobumalibu #malibu #hilife

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🏋️🤦🏼‍♂️DONT BE A GYM DOUCHE🤦🏼‍♂️🏋️

“Unless its necessary, stay in your lane. Let people be”

If you want to be seen as someone who is hated by the entire population of the gym, go ahead, spread your “knowledge” to everyone who simply doesn’t care🤦🏼‍♂️‼️

Now, if that’s not the case (which I hope not😂) try and stay in your lane. •

I don’t mean you can’t walk up to someone and tell them they are doing something wrong if it’s clearly evident, but even then. Be respectful.

Today one guy came up to me, MID SQUAT SET, & stopped me to tell me that:
-Knees can’t go past toes
-I shouldn’t squat to full depth
-I had to unrack the bar using one leg only, and the other one should be kneeling.🤷‍♂️

After giving me these “splendid tips” he went straight to the floor to perform some sort of super sonic speed crunches which I like to call “break your back ego crunching”🤣

So with that being said, remember everyone is on a different path, so don’t go around I’m posting everybody on how to squat when you yourself have never even done a single rep on that leg extension machine anyway😂🔥

Share some of your best #gymdouche story down in the comments, I’d be pleased to read some😂

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