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I've realised I'm all I have.. people who you're certain will never leave you, sometimes do.. people die, people cheat, people get sick, people fall out of love.. you can't control any of that, the relationship you have with yourself is the only relationship you'll be in for life. The best project you'll ever work on IS YOU!

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Você nunca sabe que resultados virão da sua ação. Mas se você não fizer nada, não existirão resultados. 🎯🏁🏆 Calça de Cintura alta em Cirre 😍🔝💪 Cos com detalhe lateral em elástico
Tecido de Cirre com moderada compressão
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We would like to introduce the cat part of our name. This is Loki our little crazy bundle of fluff and she lives upto her name everyday.

Better than a human could ever be. Here's why-
1) Look into a cat's face. You should be able to tell that they know something you don't.
2) They get to sleep 18 hours a day and play for the entire other 6.
3) Who is cleaning up who's litter box here?
4) They are able to move faster than you can, can land on their feet, and can move through tighter spaces than you can.
5) Dogs have owners; Cats have staff.

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Hello Monday! #Repost @asha.melanie with @repostapp
@moovwear Brazilian leggings giving me life on a Monday morning.
Things I love about them:
*high waisted
*great stretch
*they pass the bend over challenge (aka they don't go see through)
*super soft material
*funky prints

Things I don't like about them:
*having to take them off🤣

Check out their store for bargain sale items too. I just bought another pair for £24!!! Insta reveal to follow once they arrive.