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#SaturdayShenanigans 😌💯
Saturday is the day to organise diet plans and training plans for the week for clients for myself and not for the tip of the long blacks from my boy @jay.cray they’re a new hit of mine ! One tip of advice I give if you’re looking to start planning a New Years resolution with getting into the gym , first fix everything around the Gym , try and make time that you know you can for certain nights or days for meal prep , having more planned times set to when to eat , how early you can wake up and go to the gym or go for a walk , and how to balance dieting for the week and then to go out and eat . People normally just tend to sign up to the gym with no plan , but I think before you even sign up , try and change everything else first and use the Gym as the cherry on top , anyone can train , but you cannot our train a bad diet and a bad lifestyle period ! If you could share this to help your mates out I suggest you would , they’ll thank you later 👌
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Although it's blurry l appreciate this picture that @ehjeh_smtx took. I might sometimes feel like a lumpy bag of potatoes, but at least I'm a lumpy bag of potatoes with back muscles. 🤣🤣🤣

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FridayZ Mission: legs&shoulders
My favorite combination getting strength and pump so be prepared for the next days..wishing e’body a great Weekend:Stay Pumped ❗️
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