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Had a little set back but I'm back👊 I will push harder and get stronger 😊 I was just being tested.. I know what I am capable of and I will get back on track and kick some ass 😁💪 #weightlifting #eathealthy  #beabeast #cardio #determined #deadlifts #followforfollow #exercise #staystrong #youcandoit  #fitspiration #fitnessquote #momswholift  #workforit #olympicbar #inspiring #liftweights #motivation  #workout #tattoos  #jacquelyngettingfit #weightraining #willpower #confident  #newyear #workyourassoff #accountability #benchpress #hiking #fitfam

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Look in the mirror, that's your competition. .

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Training your biceps but hardly seeing results? 💪 😞
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It’s entirely up to ourselves wether we succeed or let ourselves fail once again.. Don’t give up!! Summer will be here soon 💪🏼💪🏼

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Keeping healthy snacks handy can have a major impact on your weight loss. Help others by sharing your go-to snacks in the comments below! Here's one of our favorites: Berry Yogurt - Pour 1 cup of non-fat Greek yogurt into a bowl and top with berries and 1/4 cup granola. -
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You Vs The Man in the Mirror  @mrolympia08

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Jumping into the weekend like 👆⠀
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! See you bright and early Monday 💪💪⠀
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4 months difference. Left photo was taken in October and right photo is recent. It's not just an ass i'm building its everything else 😉
Don't stop until your proud 💪🏽

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It comes and goes, sometimes strong, sometimes weak. It could be one single thought that snowballs to another, then another, and another. Good or bad, although the negative seems to have more of an impact than the positive.
My only advice, look to what motivated you yesterday, last week, last month, or when you started, when you first had these big ambitions. -
For me it's not what I see in the mirror, it's what I don't see.
It's one person @alba_moore_diaz , or two @paulrevelia , or three @laurinconlin . It's feeling like part of a team, that is moving the direction I want, or maybe even already there. -
It's your responsibility to attempt, over and over, WITH fail, WITH obstacles, WITH discomfort, WITH change.
How can we ever improve if things always stay the same? -
This wordy post is really for my stubborn butt! AND for all the amazing people in my life that motivate me on a daily basis @talktopauldotcom @arielargue

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Handstand practice today I decided to try some walking up the wall. Scary but good fun.
From my reading I think the use of a wall when working towards is not always agreed to be the best thing. You become reliant on the wall and feel like you need it to complete the move. However, you can’t argue with how it will definite help you increase your strength which can translate to a free standing handstand.
Start with your toes against the bottom of the wall in a piked plank position. Move your feet up so you are straight from ankle through to head putting the weight through your shoulders. If you feel comfortable then attempt to walk your hands back and your feet up the wall. Keep a neutral spine throughout.
Would love to know your guys opinions on the exercise and any alternatives I can try to help with my handstand work.

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Most people choose the path of less resistance and they are limited to the fulfillment of biological and material needs. They are most often concerned about the profit and pleasure of experiencing things. Most people stubbornly seek happiness and do not even realize that happiness is not the goal. The goal is definitely a task that extends to the end of life, and this is the maximally fulfilled, complete personal development. This is what constitutes an incomparable value that can't be lost: inner peace and the highest kind of happiness. Get your FREE eBook sample and use LHM System to reach that goal as many times as you need and on your own unique way!
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