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Arbonne’s Black Friday deals are out!! Limited time Chai Protein and Blackberry Fizz Sticks. Both are 100% vegan💗 Also the genius ultra plus the nourishing facial oil and rejuvenating cream are just $99 for consultants and $121.60 for preferred clients. They’re only available until they run out so don’t miss out on these!!


This post came just in time for Thanksgiving. I’ve been physically beat down and abused within the past few years, telling me I am worthless and will never amount to anything. It took years to built myself back up and mentally change myself. That didn’t happen until a year and a half ago. I threw myself into fitness, which led to nutrition that ended up building into a career. It is the most rewarding feeling to know how strong I am today and where I stand within myself. I cannot wait to share my full story soon. If I am able to atleast help one person come out of the darkness, my life would be nothing but complete. I am very thankful to be able to function in a healthy way instead of looking over my shoulder every step of the way. The support of family and friends has been everything. I hope everyone had a beautiful thanksgiving with your loved ones! #happythanksgiving #thankful #love #mindovermatter #motivation #bethankfulforwhatyouhave #bethankfulforlife #fitness #fitspiration #fitspo #fitnessjourney

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If you think normal HIIT sessions are tough, try doing mountain climbers and burpees on water 😜 We guarantee you’ll be aching - but also laughing - throughout the workout. Huge thanks to @skylineaqua_floatfit and @parkroyalbeachroad for letting us try FloatFit HIIT. It might just be the most fun workout we’ve ever done! Full review up on shape.com.sg (link in bio) - Writer, @dawnchen.xo 💦 #floatfithiit #floatfit #skylineaquafloatfit #parkroyalonbeachroad .
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💪🏼... Throwback to March this year where I could only pull 107.5kg.. 7 months later and I’m pulling 135kg.. Not to bad of a progress at all, have to be happy with a 27.5kg increase in under 12 months. Next goal is to get a clean 3 plate deadlift... 💪🏼

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All journeys start with a first step... Take action...write down your goal and the 10 things you need to do to in order to achieve it. Then start on number 1 on the list
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Playing around with floor sliders for "core" exercises. Usually these type of exercises get a bad wrap for promoting hip and lumbar flexion. I like this one for preventing lumbar extension and engaging the rec abs, flexing the waist.
Increasing lever lengths by getting closer to the ground makes it more difficult to prevent extension at the bottom further engaging the anterior core.
When discussing and prescribing exercises, context is key.

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Feeling pretty in pink (even after a couple of rounds lol)☺️💖

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On a morning where the last thing I wanted to do was get up super early and go get my sweat on...
I wanted to sleep in, get up, get ready, and just go eat....lol...
BUT, what I wanted and what I knew I had to do were two completely different things. .
I’m on a mission, I have a goal, and being lazy, or taking the easy way out, ohhh I’ll just do more cardio tomorrow is NOT in the plan. .
I am constantly on the go, sometimes I don’t know up from down, but the key to it all is that I keep moving forward. Even when we get pushed back, sometimes that’s actually a chance for us to reassess and redirect for the better. I will not make excuses when I know there are 100. I will not call it a day just bc I’m tired. I will not take the easy way out bc I think I deserve it. .
No, I will work every day for an even better tomorrow, and in order to do that I will continue to give it my all #100to0. .
Today, I’m thankful for many things. God, my amazing family and friends, health...but also I’m truly thankful for a like minded not just community but #phamily that share the same mentality. We are here to support, to inspire, to push and to lean on because that’s what families do. Thank you @andyfrisella @cklein78 @mrfrisella @emilyfrisella @_katie_savage @miketaylor_s2 @cindy.davis.dc @amyriveratheninja @drselly13 for not just your joint effort in your businesses but your individual message you put out to the rest of the world. You all are loved and respected by so many. .
Happy Thanksgiving! Blessed are we to have a Phamily like us. .
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