Paulo C. Molinari (@pmolinarii)

take a little walk to a country town, and go across the track
where the fire duct looms like a bird of doom as it shifts and cracks

where secrets lie in the board of fines and the humming wire
hey man, you know you're never coming back • 🚬🥃

Paulo C. Molinari (@pmolinarii)

au-delà de l'intensité • 🌊

Leo Lied (@leolied07)

Princesa Mononoke 🐺

KIA NIETO (@blephs)

Diseño personalizado 🐟 no disponible | citas y cotizaciones al DM o a 💌

Dimitri Felony ☔️ (@dimitri_felony)

Done few days ago next to some @hannahpixiesnow ´s work 🌱✨

J A C K (@jwbarr)

Finished making a mess of shading some gypsy heads. Getting more used to using ink though. Colour still to go on